The Overall Solution of Smart LED Street Lighting

Case study
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Smart Pole for Smart Park

Pingtan County is the largest island in Fujian Province and faces the Taiwan to the east. It is located in the southeast of Fuzhou City and referred to as "Lan" for short. There are national-level island forest parks and Haitan scenic spots on the island, which are known as the "Island of Thousand R

Case study
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300PCS Smart Pole in Yunfu Smart City

Yun'an District, located in the west of Guangdong Province, is a new platform for Yunfu City to expand its urban space and economic development. At present, Yun'an District is promoting the construction of urban municipal and supporting facilities to create a better business environment.

Case study
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240PCS Smart Pole in Chongqing Smart City

Yunyang, located in the northeastern part of Chongqing City, in the heart of the Three Gorges Project Reservoir Area, is 310 kilometers away from the main urban area of Chongqing. There are many poles such as street light poles and video surveillance poles in Yunyang urban area. The poles have a sin

Solution Introduction
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4G Dual Light Controller -- Control Two Lights

Dual Light Controller(WE-CON-4G20)IntroductionWE-CON-4G20 series wired controller is a dual-lamp controller (here in after referred to as dual-lamp controller). It adopts a high-performance hardware platform and is equipped with 4G Cat1 mobile internet technology. Combined with our self-developed cl

Case study
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1000+pcs 180w Street Light with IoT Light Controller

Government street lighting project using remote control solution.

Case study
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Hybrid Solar Street Light Project outside the Grand Hotel

The hybrid solar LED street lighting system uses solar battery to generate electricity, supplemented by 220V AC electric energy. Using this system, the capacity battery can be designed to be smaller.

Case study
How do smart pole generate revenue?

How do smart pole generate revenue?

Solution Introduction
Smart Floodlight Control Solution using Lorawan

Just like led street lights, floodlights used in sea port, basketball courts, tennis courts, and swimming pools can all use the Internet of Things technology to remotely turn on/off lights, dimming, set up work strategies, and receive fault alarm to save power and maintenance labor.Here introduce

HonorInsight IoT at 2021 Guangzhou Lighting Fair

On August 3, the 26th Guangzhou International Intelligent Lighting Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as: Guangya Exhibition) was grandly opened. As the vane of the lighting and LED industry in Asia, Gunagzhou lighting fair brought together more than 2,000 exhibiting companies in the fields of s

Platform introduction (Solar)
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Solar Light Control System-- Lighting Strategy and Battery Parameters Remotely Changed Using Software

Real-time monitoring: real-time monitoring and display of the status information of street lights, solar panels, and storage batteries; timely feedback of collected data information to back-end staff to facilitate after-sales repair and maintenance; there are evidence to follow and parameters to

Case study
Holiday wishes
Summer is coming !

Summer of 2021 is coming !

Layout Smart City - Taiwanese technology companies team up to build 5G millimeter wave smart poles

5G is the foundation of a smart city. Asia Pacific Telecom announced that they will join hands with and Lite-On Technology at the demonstration site of "5G Smart IoT Street Lights Common Pole" on Jiankang Road, Taipei City, to upgrade the communication network and application services, an

The flood season has come! How does the smart light pole deal with rainstorms?

The arrival of the flood season will cause urban flooding, street lamp pole leakage, lightning, and other risks, and street lamp pole leakage accidents have been heard from time to time.Due to the large number of devices mounted on smart light poles, the energizing current is much larger than that o

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What role does smart light pole play in epidemic prevention and control?

Smart street lights can "multiple poles in one, one pole for multiple functions". It can realize multiple functions such as smart lighting, information release, 5G base station, video surveillance, environmental monitoring, emergency help. And it can be integrated by building the smart city cloud co

The best perception point of smart city IoT-smart light pole

As the basic environment of the information society, the intelligent connection has become an important factor in the natural flow of data in smart cities. In the past, connections were mainly used to ensure the reliability and uninterrupted nature of computer networks. With the extension of connect

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Seoul plans to expand 190 sets of smart light poles with enhanced functions this year

Recently, the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) in South Korea announced the expansion of the smart light pole pilot project. It plans to build 190 sets of smart light poles in the four districts of Guro, Dongjak, Gangdong, and Jongno in the South Korean capital before the end of this year.In Febr

Case study
Bangladesh Country-level IoT Solar Street Light Management System

In was in 2019 the first time we introduced solar street lights installed in field using different technologies (2g, 4g, nb-iot, lorawan) to IDCOL organization, to help them to get a clear idea of these IoT solutions for lighting control and monitoring.

The application of smart light poles in smart highways!

According to relevant data analysis, traffic jams on expressways are caused by accidents. For example, in recent foggy weather and icy roads, accidents are often discovered one after another, which is extremely difficult to deal with. The ones behind had to be blocked in there. There is also a huge

Hong Kong launches virtual exhibition of multifunctional smart light poles

Recently, to deepen the public's understanding of the multi-functional smart lamp post-pilot project, the Office of the Chief Information Officer of the Hong Kong Government has launched a virtual exhibition of multi-functional smart lamp posts on the website called "Smart Lamp Posts Light Up the Fu

Welcome to visit us at Guangzhou Lighting Fair 2021

Hi dear all, We will be 2021 Guangzhou Lighting Fair

IoT devices
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Can smart light poles help stop the spread of the new Covid-19 virus?

According to overseas SmartCitiesWorld reports, based on case studies from around the world, a new industry report highlights how a new generation of smart light poles can help cities around the world respond to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Company news
HonorInsight IoT provide training support for clients !

The application of IoT technology to street lamps and smart light poles is still relatively new for traditional street lamp manufacturers. Therefore, HonorInsight IoT keep going to clients' companies to provide smart lighting and smart city training for their staff. This has further strength

IoT devices
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Specification of LoRaWAN Gateway WE-GW-10

Specification of LoRaWAN Gateway(WE-GW-10)Verson 3.0 Date: 2019-21. 2. Product introduction1.1 Brief introductionWE-GW-10 gateway is a full-duplex data communication industrial-grade outdoor gateway based on LoRaWAN protocol, which is of high-performance, low-power and wide range networking. It is

Product introduction
Gateway for Smart Pole--WE-GW-200

Smart Cloud BoxThank you for purchasing our product. The use of this product involves strong AC and high-speed communication. Please read this document carefully before operation. Non-professionals do not operate; if you do not follow the instructions to operate, it may cause property damage and maj

Platform introduction (AC)
Street Lighting Control System Introduction--- Remote Strategy Setting

Converge and synchronize in real time the street lamp switching and dimming task strategies created by the original system of each EMC manufacturer, and query its execution history. Support the strategic access of multiple methods of latitude and longitude control and illumination control.

Platform introduction (AC)
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Street Lighting Control System Introduction--- Automatic Fault Report

lighting Control System Introduction--- History data storage of street lights and exportclick here to visit platform: On the management platform, all street lamp data will be permanently stored. At the same time, the system also supports exporting all data into Excel files, which i

Platform introduction (AC)
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Street Lighting Control System Introduction--- History data storage of street lights and export

On the management platform, all street lamp data will be permanently stored. At the same time, the system also supports exporting all data into Excel files, which i

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