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4G Dual Light Controller -- Control Two Lights

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Dual Light Controller


1. Introduction:

WE-CON-4G20 series wired controller is a dual-lamp controller (here in after referred to as dual-lamp controller). It adopts a high-performance hardware platform and is equipped with 4G Cat1 mobile internet technology. Combined with our self-developed cloud platform, it can realize the intelligence of lamps control. The dual lamp controller has grid parameter collection, dual relay output, dual 0-10v (PWM) output, manual control, automatic control, strategy control and other functions, and has a complete fault alarm function. This series of products is specially designed for street lights, high bay lights and high pole lights. Ultra-high efficiency, compact housing design, and the good heat dissipation greatly improve the reliability of the product and extend the life of the product. Besides, comprehensive protection, including lightning protection, over-voltage protection, short-circuit protection and over-temperature protection, all of those ensure the barrier-free operation of the WE-CON-4G20.

2. Specification




Input voltage


Wide voltage input, 220V by default

The output voltage


Wide voltage output

Maximum output current

Maximum output power



220V typical input

Number of output

2 way

2 independent outputs

Dimming method

0-lO V or PWM

The default is 0-10V

Dimming range


Need drive power support

way of communication



Communication frequency band

Bl. B3.B5.B7.B8.B39.B40.B41


Grid parameters

Voltage, current, power factor, power


Protection level



Installation size




Glue stick or magnetic antenna


3. Features:

Compact housing design, with excellent thermal performance and waterproof performance

4G cat1 wireless communication

Dual independent output

Support 0-10V dimming, support PWM dimming

Grid parameter collection

Energy consumption statistics

Two-way independent strategy control

Fault and status reporting function

Lightning protection:  6 kV

Comprehensive protection: over temperature protection, over voltage protection, short circuit protection

Support hardware remote upgrade

IP66/IP67 and suitable for UL dry, humid and watery environment

year warranty

4. Product Size ( Unit:mm ):



5. Wiring

Controller Input

Controller Output 1

Controller Output 2

L line: Bronze

N line: Blue

GND line: Yellow green

L line: Bronze

N line: Blue

Dim+ line: Red

Dim- line: Black

L line: Bronze

N line: Blue

Dim+ line: Red

Dim- line: Black

6. Application

4g dual light controller

4G light controller

4G light controller

4G light controller

4G street light controller

Control both the light and the panle

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