The Overall Solution of Smart LED Street Lighting

  • What wireless solutions you have for smart street light management?

    Lorawan, NBIoT, 2G, 4G, BLE-mesh,PLC.
  • What frequency controller and gateway support?

  • What's the protocol controller and gateway used?

    Standard LoRaWAN protocol.
  • What’s the maximum number of lamps that the gateway can carry?

    All nodes within radius of 3km, usually 200 nodes.
  • Where can be installed network gateway?

    Gateway can be installed any highest location within radio coverage of light controllers network.
  • What's the max light power controller can support?

    There are four controllers from 60w to 200w, pls check below parameter of them:
    Module Battery volatage Max light power Max panel power Max charge current
    DM60-U 12v 60w 130w 10A
    DM120-U 12v/24v 60w/120w 130w/260w 10A
    DM160-U 12v/24v 80w/120w 200w/400w 15A
    DM200-U 12v/24v 100w/200w 260w/520w 20A

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