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      Pingtan County is the largest island in Fujian Province and faces the Taiwan to the east. It is located in the southeast of Fuzhou City and referred to as "Lan" for short. There are national-level island forest parks and Haitan scenic spots on the island, which are known as the "Island of Thousand Reefs".


Through the application of intelligent computing technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, spatial geographic information integration, etc., the key infrastructure components and services formed by the light pole are more interconnected, efficient and intelligent.

This could provide citizens with a better life and work services, creating a more favorable business development environment for enterprises, and empowering the government with a more efficient operation and management mechanism. 

The Pingtan Island Comprehensive Experimental Zone has decided to take the lead in promoting the construction of smart pole and smart park.


The project has a total length of 3 kilometers and a total of more than100 smart poles

From scheme design, platform customization to product provision, Guangdong HonorInsight IoT Technology Co., Ltd. has completed it. 

Combining with the local geography of Pingtan Island, HonorInsight IoT discussed with the local government and customized a cylindrical smart pole, which means "early reunion" of people on both sides of the strait. 

The multi-functional smart light pole is installed equidistantly, and the fiber optic pipe network is laid, and the sensing equipment such as broadcast loudspeaker, camera, environmental monitoringsensors and so on is mounted on a smart pole. It Improves the intelligent lighting of the park, refined management, and concrete safety assurance. It is an important carrier for the construction of the smart park in the experimental area.

smart pole

smart poles

The smart light pole is equipped with a smart pole gateway of HonorInsight IoT, which can integrate various sensors such as smart lighting, monitoring security, 5G base station, LED advertising screen, SOS, public broadcasting, air quality, noise, water level, wind speed and direction of the smart pole. It can quickly realize functions such as information acquisition, information display, and remote control, making the smart pole an important fulcrum for the construction of a smart city.

HonorInsight IoT

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Guangdong HonorInsight IoT Technology focuses on the construction of four smart scenarios: smart street lights, smart cities, smart classrooms, and smart parks. We will be committed to building an intelligent world of interconnection of all things for a long time. 

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