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Layout Smart City - Taiwanese technology companies team up to build 5G millimeter wave smart poles

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5G is the foundation of a smart city. Asia Pacific Telecom announced that they would join hands with and Lite-On Technology. It is helpful to achieve the demonstration of the "5G Smart IoT Street Lights Pole" on Jiankang Road, Taipei City. To upgrade the communication network and application services, and jointly create integrated street lights the 5G millimeter-wave smart pole, which integrates, traffic signals and IoT devices, has set a new milestone for Taiwan's smart innovation applications.


In this plan, Asia Pacific Telecom will provide a 5G network. Fuhong Network will carry out 5G application integration and engineering construction. And Lite-On Technology will carry out the construction of light pole demonstration sites.


The smart pole 5G network adopts the 28GHz frequency band. Compared with 3.5GHz (Sub-6), the millimeter-wave frequency band has the advantages of high-speed transmission and low latency. In the future, 5G infrastructure will be full of smart cities.


The smart pole is equipped with AIoT environmental quality air sensors, CCTV image recognition, self-driving car networking communication technology. It also supports signal control, interactive screens, and other multiple functions devices. Accelerate data transmission through 5G networks, implement networking applications, and assist the public sector in real-time remote monitoring services such as environmental pollution, pedestrian and vehicle flow analysis, violation detection, and transportation management. And it improves the efficiency of urban governance operations and accelerates the development of smart cities.


 The demonstration site of "Smart IoT street lights poles" provides the two-in-one function of LED street lights and traffic lights. And is also equipped with C-V2X roadside equipment RSU, which is installed in the street lights sharing pole facilities. The application of traffic application services on related roads, such as vehicle-to-person-to-vehicle, vehicle-to-vehicle, and person-to-vehicle applications, will greatly improve the operational efficiency of transportation management.


In addition, the light pole is designed to hide the space and properly configure various power wiring. So this will reduce the hanging of the light pole line, thereby improving the city's appearance. The light pole is also equipped with pollution monitors, mobile network base stations, and other equipment to derive multiple intelligence Street lamp networking application service.


The installation of "5G micro base stations" on the top of the light poles is upgraded to 5G smart poles. 5G services can speed up data transmission, assist the Beishi government in real-time monitoring and control of road conditions. And it helps develop diversified smart networking services, including expanding street lights and the carrying capacity, accelerated maintenance return, and data collection of other smart solutions, combined with edge computing, provide safer and more efficient smart city applications for the road inspection, environmental monitoring, smart security, smart transportation, etc.


The US institute Navigant reports that there will be more than 90 million smart poles in the world by 2028. And the output value of smart innovative applications derived in the future will exceed 7 billion U.S. dollars. Smart poles will become the key infrastructure for the future development of 5G smart cities.


Asia-Pacific Telecom stated that the greatest value of 5G lies in the vertical integration of the industry. As early as 2014, it used "Gt Smart Life" as its brand positioning to break away from the traditional telecom industry and promote digital transformation. Asia Pacific Telecom has technology R&D capabilities, vertical field integration experience, and Hon Hai Technology Group resources. In the future, it will continue to work with more partners to create highly reliable and highly customized 5G vertical field innovative applications for enterprises and administrative departments. Empower the vigorous development of multiple applications in smart cities.

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