The Overall Solution of Smart LED Street Lighting

Case study
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Smart Pole for Smart Park

Pingtan County is the largest island in Fujian Province and faces the Taiwan to the east. It is located in the southeast of Fuzhou City and referred to as "Lan" for short. There are national-level island forest parks and Haitan scenic spots on the island, which are known as the "Island of Thousand R

Case study
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300PCS Smart Pole in Yunfu Smart City

Yun'an District, located in the west of Guangdong Province, is a new platform for Yunfu City to expand its urban space and economic development. At present, Yun'an District is promoting the construction of urban municipal and supporting facilities to create a better business environment.

Case study
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240PCS Smart Pole in Chongqing Smart City

Yunyang, located in the northeastern part of Chongqing City, in the heart of the Three Gorges Project Reservoir Area, is 310 kilometers away from the main urban area of Chongqing. There are many poles such as street light poles and video surveillance poles in Yunyang urban area. The poles have a sin

Case study
How do smart pole generate revenue?

How do smart pole generate revenue?

Layout Smart City - Taiwanese technology companies team up to build 5G millimeter wave smart poles

5G is the foundation of a smart city. Asia Pacific Telecom announced that they will join hands with and Lite-On Technology at the demonstration site of "5G Smart IoT Street Lights Common Pole" on Jiankang Road, Taipei City, to upgrade the communication network and application services, an

The application of smart light poles in smart highways!

According to relevant data analysis, traffic jams on expressways are caused by accidents. For example, in recent foggy weather and icy roads, accidents are often discovered one after another, which is extremely difficult to deal with. The ones behind had to be blocked in there. There is also a huge

Can smart light poles help stop the spread of the new Covid-19 virus?

According to overseas SmartCitiesWorld reports, based on case studies from around the world, a new industry report highlights how a new generation of smart light poles can help cities around the world respond to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Solution Introduction
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How to choose gateways for your smart pole project ?

HonorInsight IoT has developed a variety of gateways, which basically cover all possible application scenarios of smart light poles. Among them, these three gateways on the picture are the most used ones. Today we will do a introduction of each of them and dicuss how to choose for yo

IoT knowledge
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What does an industrial gateway in smart pole do?

Intelligent street light pole cloud box gateway is an integrated intelligent communication device used on multi-functional light poles. It mainly provides gateway support for various terminals on street light poles, performs data collection, localized data processing, and instructions of control a

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