The Overall Solution of Smart LED Street Lighting

240PCS Smart Pole in Chongqing Smart City

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Yunyang, located in the northeastern part of Chongqing City, in the heart of the Three Gorges Project Reservoir Area, is 310 kilometers away from the main urban area of Chongqing.

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There are many poles such as street light poles and video surveillance poles in Yunyang urban area. The poles have a single function and inconsistent standards, which not only affects the appearance, blocks the line of sight, but also cannot meet the new infrastructure requirements for 5G micro base stations and other equipment.


In order to achieve the demand for saving land, integrate resources, and enhance the image of the city, the county administration put forward a multi-purpose construction idea, combining various social pole resources into one by mounting smart street lights, communication base stations, security monitoring, traffic lights, broadcasting, weather monitoring, charging piles, etc.


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New designed Multi-function pole

The economic operation project of Chongqing Yunyang Smart Pole, from design, research and development, to operation and implementation, was completed by HonorInsight IoT. The light pole of this project integrates a total of seven functions, including smart lighting, LED display, public broadcasting, AC charging pile, environmental monitoring, 5G micro base station, public security monitoring, etc.


It can realize remote control, automatically monitor faults, and intelligently combine the current situation to give the road the most suitable lighting brightness. Judging by the traffic flow and the flow of people on the road, the system can automatically adjust the brightness of the lights, which not only meets the lighting requirements of the road, but also reduces the use of energy, thus achieving the effect of energy saving and environmental protection.


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In addition to the intensive management of facilities and equipment, one-pole multi-purpose smart pole can also be equipped with various sensors to collect information such as people flow, traffic flow, weather, road hazards, etc., which is more conducive to city management and build a smart city. At the same time, the smart lpole can integrate various functions, such as one-key alarm, broadcasting, smart lighting, video detection, wireless WIFI, making the road more intelligent and humanized.


Through the informatization construction of lighting facilities, it is possible to grasp the situation of street lights in real time, and make later operation management, update and maintenance work more refined, intelligent and digital. For the collection of data information, the system records and uploads the operation data of street light facilities in real time to ensure the completeness and accuracy of the information. It is an important carrier for the construction of Yunyang Smart City to improve the level of urban intensive and efficient management through multi-purpose use of one pole.

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Smart Lighting Management

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Smart Lighting Control



At present, Chongqing Yunyang has built 2494 smart poles, covering a total road length of 45 kilometers. This project has achieved certain benefits from operation to date. HonorInsight IoT smart poles help Chongqing Yunyang to realize road renewal, which is conducive to promoting the Three Gorges Reservoir area. The management, construction and economic operation of smart cityin the eco-economic circle are of great significance.


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