The Overall Solution of Smart LED Street Lighting

Case study
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300PCS Smart Pole in Yunfu Smart City

Yun'an District, located in the west of Guangdong Province, is a new platform for Yunfu City to expand its urban space and economic development. At present, Yun'an District is promoting the construction of urban municipal and supporting facilities to create a better business environment.

Case study
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240PCS Smart Pole in Chongqing Smart City

Yunyang, located in the northeastern part of Chongqing City, in the heart of the Three Gorges Project Reservoir Area, is 310 kilometers away from the main urban area of Chongqing. There are many poles such as street light poles and video surveillance poles in Yunyang urban area. The poles have a sin

Platform introduction (AC)
Smart city pole and smart city management

Smart city pole and smart city management Smart light poles are an important part of the construction of smart cities. It is a new information infrastructure that integrates functions such as cameras, advertising screens, charging piles, and small base stations. It can complete lighting, public se

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Case study
196 pcs IoT solar lamps running perfectly for 350 days

196 solar lamps have running for almost one year with perfect record

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