The Overall Solution of Smart LED Street Lighting

The application of smart light poles in smart highways!

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  According to relevant data analysis, traffic jams on expressways are caused by accidents. For example, in recent foggy weather and icy roads, accidents are often discovered what is extremely difficult to deal with. There is also a huge traffic volume at the provincial toll gates is prone to traffic jams.

  We all know that manual inspections on expressways are difficult due to the huge traffic volume. Moreover, manual inspections are not only time-consuming but also particularly labor-intensive. So how to use smart light poles to improve this situation?

 This is the smart traffic + smart street light we are going to focus on today.

  Smart transportation is a service system for transportation that makes full use of modern electronic information technologies. For example, the Internet of things, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, automatic control, and mobile Internet in the transportation field. It has the advantages of high efficiency, convenience, and safety, and can greatly improve the transportation system, operational efficiency, and management level.

  With the continuous construction of smart cities, smart transportation is gradually becoming deeper and more integrated. As the market potential of smart transportation in our country is continuously tapped, the transportation field has a strong demand for data visualization and informatization. Smart light poles and monitoring are important applications in smart transportation products. And their needs will also follow the continuous development of smart transportation.

  With the comprehensive construction of smart transportation and the gradual deployment of smart light poles, urban roads will gradually "live". And the urban economy will also usher in greater development space and opportunities. The role of smart light poles is very broad, not only in smart lighting, social security, and information release but also in smart transportation.

  Judging from the current situation of smart light pole construction, smart light poles play an important role in high-speed environment perception, supervision and maintenance, road services, security, and traffic formats.

  On December 29, 2020, the country's first expressway 5G multifunctional demonstration pole landed in Shenzhen.

  These multi-functional smart poles can work with smart lighting, traffic monitoring, emergency broadcasting, weather monitoring, and other smart hardware through the comprehensive application of new technologies such as 5G, edge computing, artificial intelligence, and big data. The multi-dimensional integration of road traffic data can realize smart roads. Network monitoring, smart emergency command, real-time traffic online simulation, driverless assistance, and other functions have achieved a good start for Guangdong to build a 5G smart highway.


1. Precise traffic operation services

  Will the weather change suddenly? What's going on ahead? Need to take a detour or not?

  You don't need to guess and turn on your phone to master it all.

  Shenzhen Outer Ring Express Intelligent Technology supports the accurate push of high-precision real-time traffic operating environment. For example, abnormal events ahead, weather conditions, and other information to personal or smart card terminals. Based on traffic online simulation and prediction technology, lane-level guidance can be achieved for some vehicles. Cooperate with various road traffic platforms to provide precise travel services to enhance everyone's expressway travel experience.


2. All-element road network monitoring

  Although the road conditions are changing rapidly, they can't hide from the smart "eyes" of the smart pole. It has "sub-second" dynamic capture skills, lane-level accurate traffic perception, and sub-second road network dynamic reproduction, realizing real-time and accurate road network monitoring, effectively reducing labor costs, increase the capacity of the road network.


3. Collaborative traffic guidance management and control

  The multi-functional smart pole is based on pole-mounted real-time high-precision dynamic road network perception, integrates data along with the expressway network, and assists the traffic management department to generate traffic flow guidance schemes through platform AI algorithms, forms the entire road network coordination linkage capability, supports integrated coordination Adjust, and control to ensure the smooth operation of expressways.


4. Refined road management

  The maintenance data is generated to conduct a comprehensive "physical examination" on the road. And the maintenance management is no longer afraid of "difficult and miscellaneous diseases".

Through the digitization of lane-level road maintenance data and the digital management and control of traffic facility status data, combined with the road maintenance platform AI predictive operation and maintenance algorithm, the road maintenance and operation and maintenance can be realized, improving the efficiency of management and maintenance, and optimizing the quality of service.


5. Full real-time road condition simulation prediction

  What may happen in the future on the road can also be predicted by simulation technology. Integrate real-time high-precision traffic data collected by pole-mounted equipment and historical experience data, and use online traffic simulation technology to derive and predict traffic development trends such as lane-level traffic flow, density, and vehicle speed in the short term in the future, and assist traffic supervision departments to lead traffic early Situation, take the initiative to carry out road network management deployment and inducement management and lead.


6. Optimization of the entire process of emergency command

  Roadside equipment automatically monitors real-time information such as weather conditions, abnormal events, and traffic congestion. It manages the back-end assistant managers to study and judge the impact of the event, forms an optimized emergency command plan. And automatically dispatches emergency dispatch instructions, and realizes the overall dispatch and multi-party traffic command work linkage and continuous optimization.


7. Support vehicle-road collaborative applications

  The pole-mounted sensing equipment collects high-precision real-time dynamic information of the road, realizes multi-dimensional integration through edge computing nodes. And it pushes the roadside information to the onboard unit of the road vehicle through the RSU in real-time, supporting future vehicle-road collaboration-related application practices.


  We believe that the coordinated development of smart transportation and smart light poles will alleviate problems such as serious traffic jams on expressways and bad weather to a certain extent.

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