The Overall Solution of Smart LED Street Lighting

What does an industrial gateway in smart pole do?

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     Intelligent street light pole cloud box gateway is an integrated intelligent communication device used on multi-functional light poles. It mainly provides gateway support for various terminals on street light poles, performs data collection, localized data processing, and instructions of control and etc.

gateway for smart pole

There are several reasons for developing smart street light pole cloud box gateway:

Due to the diversity of services carried by multifunctional street light poles, the requirements for the construction of communication networks are relatively high.

1. The communication network of smart light poles requires stability and reliability, and the network equipment itself must fully consider reliability, redundancy, and fault tolerance.

2. The smart light pole cloud box gateway needs to support video-level data transmission services, so the network provided by the gateway is required to achieve large-capacity bandwidth channels, support multiple services to be forwarded through the same set of equipment, and be able to differentiate services. 

3. The gateway must also meet the requirements of easy implementation and easy operation and maintenance. Including in terms of project implementation and business links, deployment should be convenient and fast, and a powerful unified network management system can be built to provide flexible and convenient network maintenance and management capabilities.

4. As the application of smart light poles continues to expand, the gateways have to adapt to the ever-increasing number of business/terminal access and the continuous enrichment of network applications.

cloud box gateways for smart pole

Cloud box gateways for smart pole

    For the rich business and functional requirements of the multi-functional street light poles mentioned above, HonorInsight IoT has launched several cloud box gateways specifically for the needs of smart street light poles. For example, the WE-GW-G200 gateway has designed interfaces including 7 Gigabit LAN ports, 1 Gigabit WAN port, and 2 Gigabit optical ports, supporting high-definition video-level high-throughput data transmission. It is also equipped with 3 high-voltage outputs support connect various types of devices.

    The rich interfaces of the smart street light pole cloud box gateway have powerful docking capabilities, and support rapid docking of street light pole lighting, monitoring, environmental monitoring sensors, LED information displays, wireless WIFI, broadcast speakers and many other devices and platforms. And the communication protocol matching of various hardware peripherals has also been done. The equipment involved in the multi-function light pole, such as LED screens, weather instruments, sensors and other communication protocols can be adapted and docked in the gateway to achieve one-stop matching access.

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