The Overall Solution of Smart LED Street Lighting

Customized solutions help Shum Yip Group build smart properties

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The project site:

The project is located around Chegongmiao Subway Station in Futian Central District, Shenzhen, under the central green belt of Shennan Avenue on the west side of the overpass between Shennan Avenue and Xiangmihu Road, 

and is laid out east-west along Shennan Avenue.

On the north side of the road near the station are Taibao Agricultural Science Plaza, the Industrial and Commercial Bureau Office Building, the Golf Building, the General Administration Building, the World Trade Center Building, etc.; 

on the south side of the road are the Advertising Building, Chegongmiao Industrial Zone, etc.



Project Objectives:

1. Basic functions of smart street lights (LED advertising screen, IP sound column, security monitoring, one-key alarm, light pole tilt alarm, flood alarm, weather station)

2. Traffic flow monitoring (statistics of traffic flow on main roads covered by smart street lights)

3. People flow statistics (statistics of people flow within the coverage area of smart street lights)

4. Statistics of remaining parking spaces (open up the parking lots of all buildings of Shum Yip Group and provide real-time feedback of parking space status to LED advertising screens)

5. Data analysis (analyze traffic flow/people flow/parking space ratio and other data)


Project implementation:

Because this project requires high independent development capabilities of the company, the project was ultimately handled by HIIOT 

from program design, product customization, software research and development to operation and debugging. 

Based on the distribution of roads in the industrial park and actual lighting needs, HIIOT smart light poles are divided into three different solutions: "energy-saving", "standard" and "comprehensive". 

It can realize functions such as smart lighting, information release, security monitoring, public WIFI, weather monitoring, lighting energy saving, traffic flow/people flow monitoring, parking space collaboration and other functions respectively. 

Truly empower the "smart park".

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