The Overall Solution of Smart LED Street Lighting

500PCS Smart Pole in Guangdong Smart City

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GUANGDONG HONORINSIGHT IOT TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Power carrier smart lighting technology helps Guangzhou Construction Group build the new campus of Zhongyuan Middle School.


 More than 500 street lights inside and outside the new campus of Zhongyuan Middle School use Rongguan IoT Technology power carrier dual-light controller. This controller is developed using a high-performance single-chip microcomputer hardware platform and a self-developed power line carrier integrated circuit. Products used to enhance energy saving of street lights. The controller has functions such as voltage/current acquisition, PWM (0~10V) output, and street light switch control. As long as the connections are correct, it can work normally without any setting operations.


All lighting electrical boxes in this project are provided by Rongguan IoT Technology. The electrical boxes are equipped with independently developed and produced centralized controllers, using high-performance 32-bit RISC embedded hardware platform, professional-grade real-time LINUX embedded operating system, 3G/ It is developed with 4G, GPRS/CDMA/GSM/LTE230 and other mobile communication technologies and low-voltage carrier communication technologies. It has multiple functions such as RS485 meter reading, task management, large-capacity data storage, multiple communication methods of data remote communication, alarm event recording and reporting, carrier centralized meter reading, etc. It has powerful functions, stable operation, high reliability, and large storage capacity. , good openness and high cost performance.


GUANGDONG HONORINSIGHT IOT TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. has a 3,000 square meter factory building, 5 SMT production lines, a R&D team of about 15 people, and has a number of patents and software copyrights. Focus on the construction of four smart scenarios: smart street lights, smart cities, smart classrooms, and smart parks. And will be committed to building a smart world where everything is connected in the long term.

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