The Overall Solution of Smart LED Street Lighting

300PCS Smart Pole in Yunfu Smart City

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Yun'an District, located in the west of Guangdong Province, is a new platform for Yunfu City to expand its economic development. At present, Yun'an District is promoting the construction of urban municipal and supporting facilities to create a better business environment.

smart city

In addition to promoting major transportation projects such as the Expressway and the National Highway Reroute Project, the existing road lighting also has been optimized. Among them, including the upgrading of Dong'an Avenue.


Recently, the upgrade and reconstruction project of Dong'an Avenue passed the completion acceptance. HonorInsight IoT assisted the relevant departments of Yunfu to test and complete more than 300 smart pole, and successfully "light up"!  

Let's have a look at the smart pole and smart city project pictures:smart pole

smart poles

HonorInsight IoT

smart pole

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