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Xin'an park smart street light and smart run road reform

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Xin'an Park was built in the early 1990s and is one of the earliest parks built and opened in Bao'an District. As time goes by, the infrastructure in the park is old and there is insufficient lighting at night, which poses certain safety risks and the problem of water pollution is prominent.

The upgraded Xin'an Park has fresh and bright colors, and the running track around the lake is like a ribbon, connecting the landscape in the park. It is so beautiful. The smart street lights, smart trails and electronic fences throughout the park complement each other and jointly contribute to the intelligent infrastructure construction of the park.

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This project uses GUANGDONG HONORINSIGHT IOT TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. smart equipment components, covering multiple sectors such as smart lighting, security monitoring, smart trails, electronic fences, one-click help, LED advertising screens, IP speakers, public WIFI, etc., and we Our smart city cloud platform can easily realize the core points of road management such as data visualization, asset digitization, and intelligent operation and maintenance, achieve intelligent integration of parks, and achieve the goal of solving all problems with one platform.

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In terms of basic security, the park adopts a combination of behavioral monitoring cameras + SOS + electronic fences to prevent falling water warnings, which can ensure the personal safety of citizens to the greatest extent and achieve early prediction, timely response and dangerous behavior warnings.

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GUANGDONG HONORINSIGHT IOT TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. conducted 3D modeling based on the actual scene after the renovation of Xin'an Park, and concentrated all intelligent equipment on the large management screen for unified management, truly achieving "one is all" and greatly facilitating the park managers' work. work, while further enhancing the image of the park.

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