The Overall Solution of Smart LED Street Lighting

How do smart pole generate revenue?

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How do smart pole generate revenue?

As a new type of urban public infrastructure, the full realization of its value needs to be based on a large-scale layout, long-term and sustainable capital investment, and the more application scenarios it covers, the more its commercial value can be realized.

So how does the investor recover its high investment? First of all, it depends on the function of the product itself. From an overall and long-term perspective, smart light poles will generate a number of operating income, such as subsidies, installation, operation and maintenance, carrying, advertising, energy, base stations, data, etc.

01. Maintenance income of smart light poles

This income mainly refers to the situation where the government independently invests and entrusts enterprises to carry out operation and maintenance, including maintenance and repair income.

smart pole maintenance

02. Energy-saving income of smart lighting


For the smart street lamp project invested and transformed by enterprises, the government will subsidize the saved electricity bills to the enterprises in installments. Take the smart light pole project transformed by the EMC model as an example. The project is funded and constructed by the company. After completion, the company ensures the solution operation during the contract management period. The ownership of the light pole is transferred to the government after the expiration date. The return mechanism is mainly energy-saving income and related data collection income.

energy saving led street light

03. Rental income from video surveillance

This income mainly refers to the rental income paid by the public security and transportation departments after the light pole is connected to the security system.

smart pole CCTV

04. Rental income of micro base stations


The income of this project refers to the rental income paid by operators for mounting 5G micro base stations on light poles.

smart pole 5G base station

05. Charging pile income


After the smart light pole is equipped with a charging pile, consumers will pay the corresponding charging income when using it.

charging pile

06. Management income from parking management and manhole cover management


In view of the fact that the smart light pole can monitor the road parking situation and the operation and maintenance of the road manhole cover, and realize the function of intelligent transportation, it can obtain the management income paid by the transportation department or other related units.

parking management

07. Revenue from convenient services such as one-click alarm


It should be noted that the occurrence and collection of expenses for this income are temporarily unclear, and one-click alarms may also be used as a public welfare function in specific projects, thus there is no such income. If so, it should generally be paid by the civil affairs department to the investment and operation entity of the smart light pole.

smart pole SOS

08. Advertising revenue from LED information releasing



This income is well understood. In practice, this income is also one of the main sources of income for the investment and operation of smart light poles. It is paid by the advertising entity, mostly enterprises, but also government and other institutions.

smart pole led diplay

09. Data collection revenue


The data here includes environmental monitoring data, etc., and may also include other data accumulated in the operation process that does not involve privacy and has been desensitized. The former is mainly paid by the environmental department, and the latter is the user who obtains the desensitized data. 

10. Other incomes


In addition, revenue from Internet of Vehicles services, revenue from lamp body construction, and revenue from human body temperature cameras can also achieve profit returns.

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