The Overall Solution of Smart LED Street Lighting

Fuqing Smart Industrial Park Project in Fujian Province

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Southeast Net reported on August 7 (Fujian Daily reporter Bian Junkai) Recently, in the Furong New Materials Intelligent Industrial Park located in Rongqiao Development Zone, Fuqing City, a world-class high-quality film production line is being debugged and installed. "It is expected to be put into production around the National Day this year. After it is put into production, Fuqing will become the world's largest thin film intelligent manufacturing base." said Mao Jianquan, senior vice president of Fulong New Materials Company.


The entire park street lighting project, from scheme design, product customization to operation and commissioning, is provided by GUANGDONG HONORINSIGHT IOT TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. Based on the distribution of roads in the industrial park and actual lighting needs, GUANGDONG HONORINSIGHT IOT TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. smart light poles are divided into three different solutions: "energy-saving", "standard" and "comprehensive". It can realize functions such as smart lighting, information release, security monitoring, public WIFI, weather monitoring, and lighting energy saving respectively. Truly empower the "smart park".

The smart street light control system uses wireless communication technology to achieve single-light energy saving and centralized control and monitoring of lighting street lights, which can effectively ensure scientific management of street light facilities and on-demand lighting. The promotion of smart street light control systems has not only changed the traditional management and service methods of the park and improved service efficiency, but also played a great role in improving the image of the park.

GUANGDONG HONORINSIGHT IOT TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. smart street light system supports real-time inspection, can monitor the working status of street lights in real time, and provide fault warning, and can issue fault maintenance notifications in time. Reduce the low efficiency and high cost of manual inspection in the traditional mode.

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