The Overall Solution of Smart LED Street Lighting

How to choose gateways for your smart pole project ?

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    HonorInsight IoT has developed a variety of gateways, which basically cover all possible application scenarios of smart light poles. 


    Among them, these three gateways on the picture are the most used ones. Today we will do a introduction of each of them and dicuss how to choose for your SMART POLE projects.

cloud box gateways for smart pole

    WE-GW-G200    The first model is WE-GW-G200 (hereinafter referred to as G200 for short), which is an integrated design of DC and AC, with the ability to manage and control all strong and weak current equipment. G200 has three strong current outputs, supports a maximum load of 3200w, and supports AC grid parameter monitoring and strategy control (SWITCH). With multiple DC outputs, it can support cameras and other 12V/24V equipments. With full Gigabit communication, up to 20-25 devices can be carried in the ring network.

    WE-GW-G300    Except that it does not have the AC power control function, G300 is the same as G200 in terms of equipment capability, optical fiber capability, ring network capability, and edge computing. However, G300 uses a CPU with faster computing power, which will have more advantages in multi-device ring network projects. At the same time, G300 has 3 RS485 ports, which support the integrating of 485S devices, and G200 has only one RS485 port.

     WE-GW-G40      The last one is a mini cloud box customized for simple light poles, especially suitable for light poles with only 2 to 3 devices. Mini is small in size and good in price, making it the first choice for many park scene projects.


    In practical smart city pole applications, these gateways can be used in combination according to the project budget.


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