The Overall Solution of Smart LED Street Lighting

Layout Smart City - Taiwanese technology companies team up to build 5G millimeter wave smart poles

5G is the foundation of a smart city. Asia Pacific Telecom announced that they will join hands with and Lite-On Technology at the demonstration site of "5G Smart IoT Street Lights Common Pole" on Jiankang Road, Taipei City, to upgrade the communication network and application services, an

The best perception point of smart city IoT-smart light pole

As the basic environment of the information society, the intelligent connection has become an important factor in the natural flow of data in smart cities. In the past, connections were mainly used to ensure the reliability and uninterrupted nature of computer networks. With the extension of connect

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Seoul plans to expand 190 sets of smart light poles with enhanced functions this year

Recently, the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) in South Korea announced the expansion of the smart light pole pilot project. It plans to build 190 sets of smart light poles in the four districts of Guro, Dongjak, Gangdong, and Jongno in the South Korean capital before the end of this year.In Febr

Hong Kong launches virtual exhibition of multifunctional smart light poles

Recently, to deepen the public's understanding of the multi-functional smart lamp post-pilot project, the Office of the Chief Information Officer of the Hong Kong Government has launched a virtual exhibition of multi-functional smart lamp posts on the website called "Smart Lamp Posts Light Up the Fu

Product introduction
Gateway for Smart Pole--WE-GW-200

Smart Cloud BoxThank you for purchasing our product. The use of this product involves strong AC and high-speed communication. Please read this document carefully before operation. Non-professionals do not operate; if you do not follow the instructions to operate, it may cause property damage and maj

Platform introduction (AC)
Smart city pole and smart city management

Smart city pole and smart city management Smart light poles are an important part of the construction of smart cities. It is a new information infrastructure that integrates functions such as cameras, advertising screens, charging piles, and small base stations. It can complete lighting, public se

Solution Introduction
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How to choose gateways for your smart pole project ?

HonorInsight IoT has developed a variety of gateways, which basically cover all possible application scenarios of smart light poles. Among them, these three gateways on the picture are the most used ones. Today we will do a introduction of each of them and dicuss how to choose for yo

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