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The best perception point of smart city IoT-smart light pole

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  As the basic environment of the information society, the intelligent connection has become an important factor in the natural flow of data in smart cities. In the past, connections were mainly used to ensure the reliability and uninterrupted nature of computer networks. With the extension of connection objects, future connections will extend from computer networks to networks of people and things. By building a ubiquitous network to support the data integration of people, machines, and things in the city.

  The IP address plays a very important role in the connection, just like the "passport" in the network world. However, on November 25, 2019, the last IPv4 address allocation in the world was completed.

  The construction of urban intelligence has accelerated the development and innovation of applications and equipment. And new "passes" are urgently needed to support network access. The new network "pass", or IPv6 address, is so large that it can satisfy every piece of sand on the earth to be assigned an IP address. Therefore, the overall business construction of a smart city is also based on IPv6 address planning.

  The new "pass" requires a new "highway network" to open up the meridian connections for the "people, machines, and things" in the city's intelligent body. To support the data flow between applications more efficiently, the intelligent connection is developing towards "normalization". In short, it is to use a ubiquitous smart city network to aggregate multiple physical networks such as government affairs and the Internet of Things in the original city to build the foundation of urban smartness. Cities are gathering places and the masters of all factors of production and life. Therefore, urban intelligent bodies focus on the entire smart world. And a wealth of smart applications also put forward new capabilities requirements for the "smart city, one network".


1. Full service, reliable quality

  "One Cloud in the City" provides government services, AI capabilities, and other services for citizens, enterprises, and civil servants. As strong support for the "a cloud", the network also needs to reach higher standards in terms of quality.


2. Fully interconnected, better experience

  Smart cities and digital governments are being built simultaneously, and city data needs to be interconnected. While realizing the logical isolation of urban governance data, industry data, and human data. It is also necessary to ensure the user experience.


3. Full perception, efficient IoT

  The construction of smart interaction and smart applications does not just stop at the simple data aggregation level. The future will evolve towards the efficient real-time connection of data. This requires the network to have the ability to fully sense information, fully connect the Internet of Things and data and fully intelligent in edge computing.


4. Ubiquitous security, integrated defense

  With the opening of smart cities, security boundaries have been opened, and data protection has become a top priority. This requires the network to establish a three-dimensional security architecture from the perspectives of perception, defense assistance, and security services to build ubiquitous security.


  Huawei Smart City One Network Solution uses Huawei data communications AirEngine, NetEngine, CloudEngine, and HiSecEngine four major engine equipment. From the data center, wide area network to campus network, create ubiquitous connections end-to-end to support citizens in smart cities, Data sharing, and collaborative management of enterprises and government departments.

  Smart light poles are the best perception point of the Internet of Things. It is often deployed on both sides of urban roads for information collection. And integrate functions such as lighting, monitoring, information release, and urban hotspots, with beautiful appearance and complete functions is well.

  In the outskirts of the city, the "Water Conservancy One Pole Connection" and other connected pole station equipment are deployed near the rivers. For example, Xiaojiang Rivers and irrigation areas achieve full collection of water levels and rainfall, eliminating the need for manual guards.

  In cities, the smart poles of various industries are used as anchor points. Based on Huawei's data communication IoT sensing platform and its core IoT gateway, which connects to various local area networks upwards. Then the IoT poles converge to form a sensing network. These perception networks, like capillaries in the city, support smart scene services efficiently and accurately.

  "The world's first AI technology theme park"-Haidian Park, through the deployment of Huawei smart light poles in the park, also saving electricity. It improves the level of intelligent management of the park and becomes a beautiful landscape of the park.

  Smart light poles are widely used in various fields.

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