The Overall Solution of Smart LED Street Lighting

PLC smart street light project in Dubai Penguin Pavilion

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A ski resort in a desert country, the MOE super large ski resort SkiDubai is located in Dubai. It is one of the must-visit attractions during your trip to Dubai. Here you can not only experience the unique fun of "desert skiing", but also have an intimate encounter with penguins from afar.



Saving energy, reducing emissions, and protecting a green earth are the common mission and vision of people all over the world. How to achieve a high degree of digitalization of lighting and save energy is a key consideration for the designers of this project.

In view of the complex flow of people, complex scenes, complex lighting requirements and other difficulties in this project, the designer worked with our company to customize the lighting solutions for the "Penguin Pavilion" and "Ski Pavilion".

Achieving high-level digital control and refined remote deployment of lighting resources in the two major areas can greatly avoid the waste of power resources and labor resources.


At the hardware level, this project all uses English version PLC light control, smart air switches and smart electrical boxes customized by Honor Insight IoT.

On average, the product executes more than 100 dimming strategies every day, and the strategy response speed is extremely fast. Each gateway loads about 150 PLC controllers.

Achieve multi-period low-latency and precise dimming, truly achieving refined lighting.

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