The Overall Solution of Smart LED Street Lighting

Solar Light Control System-- Lighting Strategy and Battery Parameters Remotely Changed Using Software

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   To better manage solar street lights, HonorInsight IoT has applied the IoT technology to solar street lights, enabling users to remotely use mobile apps or computers to manage their lights.

    Today we will focus on explaining an useful function in the solar light management system, to change the lighting plan and battery parameters remotely through the software.

  • Street light status and data monitoring

  • Lighting Strategy and Battery Parameters remotely changed using software

  • GIS location and local weather report

  • Failure reminding and maintenance personnel assignment

  • Camera, environmental sensors and other equipment access

1. Once a lamp is installed with IoT module and be added in the system, we can see its status and read his real-time data by clicking the "parameter" button.

light parameters

2. Then we can get his lighting plan and to change as we need. 

    In order to keep the light working for a longer time and save more energy for days without sunshine, we can set up a lower brightness at 5p.m.~ 7p.m since it's not that dark, and at 2a.m~4a.m during midnight.

    The improment and advantage of this remote operation is user don't have to go to the project site with their remote controller, and to set up lights one by one !

load parameter changing

3. Battery info can also be changed to ensure the light works well.

battery changing

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