The Overall Solution of Smart LED Street Lighting

What role does smart light pole play in epidemic prevention and control?

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  Smart street lights can "multiple poles in one, one pole for multiple functions". It can realize multiple functions such as smart lighting, information release, 5G base station, video surveillance, environmental monitoring, emergency help. And it can be integrated by building the smart city cloud control platform for operation and maintenance management. Besides, it has effectively reduced repeated investment and construction and has achieved good economic and social benefits.

  Smart street lights can be customized with different shapes and functional configurations according to different scenarios.

1 Video surveillance

  Smart street lights can monitor the flow of vehicles and people at intersections in real-time. It provides a decision-making basis for commanding and dispatching, investigating the epidemic, further improve supervision, supervision efficiency, and effectively control the epidemic.

2 Information release

  The LED display and smart broadcast on the smart street light can be remotely controlled, released, managed, and updated at any time in real-time. During the epidemic, it can help the government or the park to issue relevant prevention and control measures. And requirements promptly to reduce the gathering of people and reduce the risk of infection.

3 emergency help

  The one-key help button can help people who need help quickly contact the monitoring center for voice intercom. It can also realize the public security 110 network, realize the first time to call for help and connect the video at the surrounding surveillance points of the crime scene.

  In short, the use of smart street lights can save a lot of manpower and resources in epidemic prevention work. Meanwhile, it will play a key role in data collection, analysis, and prediction of the smart city big data platforms. And It can collect information in time and respond quickly. To further prevent the spread of the epidemic.

4 Human body temperature measurement system

  The human body temperature measurement system plays a good role in epidemic prevention and control. In response to the need for epidemic prevention and control in densely populated areas, it has realized another upgrade based on multiple functions such as 5G micro base stations for smart street lights, environmental information collection, security monitoring, and smart municipal administration. The human body temperature measurement technology of distance, non-contact, large area, multi-target, and rapid screening can effectively solve the problems of shortage of epidemic prevention personnel and low manual temperature measurement efficiency. And effectively avoid personnel cross-infection, and help local information technology to accurately prevent epidemics.

  The intelligent street lamp epidemic prevention and control human body temperature measurement system released this time is a human body temperature detection system integrating "visible light + infrared light dual-sensor equipment" integrated with a smart portrait engine. It is connected through infrared thermal imaging and face detection technology. It can automatically detect the suspected fever in the crowd whose body temperature exceeds the threshold (the current typical configuration is 37.3°C), automatically lock, alarm, and collect face captures, and transmit the data to the epidemic prevention and control command center in time to provide great opportunities for epidemic prevention and control. data support.

  In general, smart light poles can play a very good role during the epidemic.

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