The Overall Solution of Smart LED Street Lighting

Case study
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1000+pcs 180w Street Light with IoT Light Controller

Government street lighting project using remote control solution.

Case study
85 PCS Smart Street Lights With LED Displays, Weather Meters And So On.

Beijing - one of the smart light pole projects in the capital of China. The project is 2.5 kilometers long and has a total of 83 smart light poles. This multi-functional smart light pole is installed at equal distances and laid with a fiber optic pipe network. Perception equipment such as 5G micro base stations, cameras, weather meters, and LED displays are mounted on a light pole. Equipped with an LED display screen, patriotic-themed promotional videos will be played repeatedly through the Rongguan IoT Smart Cloud Platform during the National Day, making the patriotic and party-loving propaganda work more intelligent, simple and diversified.

The flood season has come! How does the smart light pole deal with rainstorms?

The arrival of the flood season will cause urban flooding, street lamp pole leakage, lightning, and other risks, and street lamp pole leakage accidents have been heard from time to time.Due to the large number of devices mounted on smart light poles, the energizing current is much larger than that o

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What role does smart light pole play in epidemic prevention and control?

Smart street lights can "multiple poles in one, one pole for multiple functions". It can realize multiple functions such as smart lighting, information release, 5G base station, video surveillance, environmental monitoring, emergency help. And it can be integrated by building the smart city cloud co

Case study
Bangladesh Country-level IoT Solar Street Light Management System

In was in 2019 the first time we introduced solar street lights installed in field using different technologies (2g, 4g, nb-iot, lorawan) to IDCOL organization, to help them to get a clear idea of these IoT solutions for lighting control and monitoring.

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Platform introduction (AC)
Street Lighting Control System Introduction--- Remote Strategy Setting

Converge and synchronize in real time the street lamp switching and dimming task strategies created by the original system of each EMC manufacturer, and query its execution history. Support the strategic access of multiple methods of latitude and longitude control and illumination control.

Platform introduction (AC)
Smart city pole and smart city management

Smart city pole and smart city management Smart light poles are an important part of the construction of smart cities. It is a new information infrastructure that integrates functions such as cameras, advertising screens, charging piles, and small base stations. It can complete lighting, public se

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