The Overall Solution of Smart LED Street Lighting

1000+pcs 180w Street Light with IoT Light Controller

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    With the maturity of the Internet of Things and smart city technologies, the new generation of street light has gradually been replaced with smart street light equipped with Internet of Things light control.

    Recently, the streets of Zengcheng district in Guangzhou have been equipped with smart street light from HonorInsight IoT.  



180w high-quality steet light

with light controller

With IoT nema light controller


Remote monitoring and dimming


Smart street light at night

street light manufacturer

Smart street light with NEMA light controller

smart street light

    More than 1000pcs smart street light for manicipal roads

strong aluminum Strong aluminum

Pretty design

Click here to view RF-903 Street Light Datasheet : RF-903

nema controller

Smart NEMA light controller using LoraWAN/4G/NB-IoT

With large-scale installation, IoT street lights will bring more convenience to the government, the city, and the residents in the following aspects:

1. Efficient management

The first is to realize the visual monitoring of street lights, information linkage, and automatic alarm, which is convenient for centralized management, and does not need to rely on a large number of personnel on-site patrols. The equipment information of each street lamp can be located in the platform and can be checked at any time. With clearly mark of the actual installation location on the map, not only the layout is clear, even which lamp is on, which lamp is fault, can be seen on the system map.

2. Scientific lighting

In addition to remote one-key control, smart street lights incorporate IR sensing technology, allowing street lights to be automatically turn on and off according to changes in ambient brightness such as sunrise, sunset, and special weather. Smart street lights also support timing task control, allowing street lights to flexibly respond to the actual lighting needs of different time periods or sections, to prevent the occurrence of bright lights during the day and ignorance at night, so that the road lighting really adapts to local conditions, time conditions, and needs.

3. interconnection

Urban street lights are often constructed by multiple projects or administrations. The problems of management barriers and information asymmetry are prominent, which is not conducive to the unified management of urban street lights. Smart street lights can not only realize the interconnection of information, but also can be quickly and conveniently incorporated into a third-party management platform, which facilitates the management and transfer of street lights between different areas of different projects, and effectively guarantees the integrity and security of street light information and data.

4. Big data application

All the status data and electricity consumption data generated by smart street lights will be uploaded to the cloud platform, which facilitates the monitoring and analysis of the electricity consumption in each area, the electricity consumption trend of the street lights, and the operation status of the street lights, and provides data supports for the scientific layout and management decision-making of the street lights.

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