The Overall Solution of Smart LED Street Lighting

NBIOT's application in the street lamp industry

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NBIOT's application in the street lamp industry in China

    Traditional street lamps are generally sodium lamps, which have high energy consumption and large losses. The use of LED street lights can reduce power consumption, and the comprehensive energy-saving rate can reach more than 50%. If the NB-IoT/eMTC smart street light solution is transformed, the comprehensive energy-saving rate of LED lights can reach more than 70%. According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, China’s power generation in 2015 was 5.618 trillion kilowatt-hours, and road lighting accounted for about 9%, or 505.6 billion kilowatt-hours. Taking into account that the penetration rate of LED smart lighting projects on urban roads in my country is still very low, if all the street lights in our country are intelligently transformed by the NB-IoT/eMTC smart street lamp solution, and calculated at an average power saving rate of 20%, the annual electricity savings will exceed 100 billion degree.

    In the entire industry chain, there are currently basic operators, mainly China Mobile, street light terminal side manufacturers, platform side manufacturers, application side owners, etc.

    NBIOT is also applicable to overseas markets. If you have product customization needs, please contact: Una

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