The Overall Solution of Smart LED Street Lighting

Bangladesh Country-level IoT Solar Street Light Management System

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     In was in 2019 the first time we introduced solar street lights installed in field using different technologies (2g, 4g, nb-iot, lorawan) to IDCOL organization, to help them to get a clear idea of these IoT solutions for lighting control and monitoring.

    After on-site visit and face-to-face meetings, the Bangladeshi technical team finally chose the GPRS solution, which with wider coverage and was more suitable for their country. But  in order to be able to plug their local sim card into the module and meet other reqiurments, some changes need to be made on our current products.



Old type--all-in-one


New type: controller and IoT module seperated

Click here to view controller datasheet: DM60

Soon we redesigned and made the corresponding modules as required and sent them to Bangladesh for pilot project running. The products were working very well, and the work on the web side was also proceeding simultaneously.

Take a look.





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