The Overall Solution of Smart LED Street Lighting

85 PCS Smart Street Lights With LED Displays, Weather Meters And So On.

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Beijing - one of the smart light pole projects in the capital of China.

The project is 2.5 kilometers long and has a total of 83 smart light poles.


In order to respond to the construction of smart cities and enhance the construction of Beijing's old security infrastructure and street lighting, through the application of intelligent computing technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, and spatial geographic information integration, light poles, the key foundation of the city, will be Facility components and services are more connected, efficient and intelligent.

From solution design, platform customization, product provision to equipment debugging, all are completed by GUANGDONG HONORINSIGHT IOT TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. Based on the specific needs of residents, Rongguanwu worked with relevant local departments to discuss and customize the overall plan for the project from smart street lights to computer room construction. This multi-functional smart light pole is installed at equal distances and laid with a fiber optic pipe network. Perception equipment such as 5G micro base stations, cameras, weather meters, and LED displays are mounted on a light pole. Equipped with an LED display screen, patriotic-themed promotional videos will be played repeatedly through the Rongguan IoT Smart Cloud Platform during the National Day, making the patriotic and party-loving propaganda work more intelligent, simple and diversified. It has improved the intelligence of street lighting, refined management, and concrete safety guarantee, which is an important symbol of the transformation of the old city.

Let's have a look at the smart pole and smart city project pictures:

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Smart light poles are equipped with Rongguan IoT smart street light gateways, which can integrate smart lighting, monitoring and security, 5G base stations, LED advertising screens, SOS, public broadcasting, and various sensors such as air quality, noise, water level, wind speed and direction, tilt of light poles, etc. Functions such as information acquisition, information display, and remote control can be quickly realized, making light poles an important fulcrum in the construction of smart cities.

GUANGDONG HONORINSIGHT IOT TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. focuses on the construction of four smart scenarios: 

smart street lights, smart cities, smart classrooms, and smart parks. And will be committed to building a smart world where everything is connected in the long term.


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