The Overall Solution of Smart LED Street Lighting

Street Lighting Control System Introduction--- Remote Strategy Setting

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     The smart street light platform can do real time street lamp switching and dimming task strategie.  It also can support the strategic access of multiple methods of latitude and longitude control and illumination control. 

     There are three operation mode: Manual, strategy and adaptive operation.

munual operation

●Timed task control (Strategy): Though time of sunrise and sunset of different latitude and longitude areas are different, the IoT based system can set the time to switch lights according to the latitude and longitude of the area where the light pole is located, which can also be a fixed timed task control strategy.


●Illumination control (Adaptive): With a Illumination sensor,the street light management system can set task control threshold conditions according to natural light conditions, and realize intelligent operations such as switching lights and dimming in bad weather. 

Adaptive operation

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