The Overall Solution of Smart LED Street Lighting

The flood season has come! How does the smart light pole deal with rainstorms?

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What is the role of smart light poles in heavy rain?

  Affected by rainstorms, typhoons, and other weather, the city has caused disasters such as waterlogging, resulting in flooding losses, traffic paralysis, and even suspension of production, causing immeasurable property losses to the city, and even personal injuries. Smart light poles and mounting equipment also need higher protection. But smart light poles can also bring new technical solutions to waterlogging prevention.

  In the past, faced with disasters such as waterlogging, cities could only bear passively and do limited post-disaster remedies. Now with the help of new infrastructure facilities represented by 5G multifunctional poles, smart street light poles, and integrated poles, it can effectively achieve the prevention of urban waterlogging disasters and take precautions.

The application functions of smart street light poles to monitor urban waterlogging are as follows:

1. The road is captured by the pole-mounted video image to monitor the water condition of the road area in real-time. Besides, the LED and the sound column alarm are linked to providing on-site audio and video warnings. And the background is returned through the gateway to locate the road position of the light pole. The background pop-up window prompts and records.

2. The street uses the liquid level monitor of the smart manhole cover to monitor the water level of the underground pipeline in time, and transmits it to the pole gateway via wireless transmission backstage in time to carry out early warning and recording of the groundwater level in the area.

3. Pre-buried water level monitors such as underground passages, tunnels, underground garages, etc. Timely monitor the water level of underground pipelines and transmit them to the gateway. At the entrances and exits of underground passages and other places, link LED screens and IP sound columns, and other equipment to provide timely audio and video warnings. And send it back to the background in time to carry out early warning and recording of the groundwater level.

4. The smart light poles along the coast use video and water level and flow sensing devices to continuously obtain river water level, flow rate, water quality, floating objects, and other data in real-time, and return the data to the background in real-time for data analysis, and provide early warning of the river flood season.

  In recent years, as the earth’s abnormal climate and the frequency of severe weather have increased, urban waterlogging has also occurred from time to time every year. And both the degree of waterlogging and the number of cities with waterlogging have an upward trend. Weather conditions vary, but smart light poles are used as a mounting platform for multi-functional information and communication equipment. It integrated lighting, security, 5G communications, transportation, charging piles, and urban IoT sensors. The mounting design and planning standards should be prepared in advance to prevent waterlogging. The specific parameters of immersion require high technical standards and try to comply with the highest standards.

  Smart light poles not only provoke challenges but also bring new solutions to help cope with the challenges of urban waterlogging. The existing application cases have revealed the value of smart light poles in improving urban emergency response capabilities. Besides, it improves the level of refined urban public services.

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