The Overall Solution of Smart LED Street Lighting

Smart Floodlight Control Solution using Lorawan

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Just like led street lights, floodlights used in sea port, basketball courts, tennis courts, and swimming pools can all use the Internet of Things technology to remotely turn on/off lights, dimming, set up work strategies, and receive fault alarm to save power and maintenance labor.

Here introduce the smart flood light control solution based on lorawan solution from HonorInsight IoT.

smart floodlight HonorInsight IoT

In this solution, lorawan light controller and lorawan gateway will be needed.

One controller can mas support 1000w led floodlight, so for example, if each floodlight module is 400w, then two modules can share one controller. And if your floodlight module is 1200w, then it will need at least two controllers.

With the controller, the electric data of floodlight like power, voltage, current will be sent to the lorawan gateway, and then gateway will transmit those data to the cloud server using 2g/3g/4g, finally user can see the updated data of all the lights.

Every light will communicate with gateway directly, thus can lower the rate of packet loss when comparing to networking solutions. 

One gateway can carry all the lights within radius of 2km, so if the sea port project is like 4km long, then at least two gateways will needed.

There are two options for gateway internet. One is to put a local sim card inside and the other is to connect gateway to a Ethernet cable. (If using sim card we will need the carrier company and its APN info)

lorawan gateway
l sim card location

internet connected

Let's have a look at the controller installation.

lorawan controller

lorawan controller(868mhz/915mhz/923mhz)


One controller carry three floodlight

For smart floodlight control, user can use web-based platform or phone applications(support IOS system and Android system)

smart floodlight

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