The Overall Solution of Smart LED Street Lighting


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Smart Pole Gateway WE-GW-G300

WE-GW-G300 Smart Cloud Box is an industrial IoT intelligent gateway, which integrates optical fiber communication, ETH Ethernet communication, AI computing, edge computing, data intelligent collection, multiple protocol conversion, smart gateway, full Netcom/4G wireless communication, Bluetooth MESH communication, WIFI communication, RS485 communication, data forwarding, virtual private network, local storage and other functions in one. Build a universal and intelligent IoT channel between the monitoring equipment and the cloud service system. Assist customers to realize intelligent collection, protocol conversion, wireless communication, etc. of various equipment such as optical fiber, Ethernet, RS485, and WIFI. It is widely used in smart cities, smart multi-function poles, smart bus stations, smart agriculture, and smart photovoltaic industries.
  • WE-GW-G300

  • HonorInsight IoT/ OEM

  • 8537109090

  • Shenzhen, China

  • 50000PCS/Year

  • T/T

  • 2 years

protection grade:
LAN interface No:
RS485 No:

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Smart Pole Gateway WE-GW-G300


1. Product description

WE-GW-G300 Smart cloud box is an industrial IoT intelligent gateway, which integrates optical fiber communication, ETH Ethernet communication, AI computing, edge computing, data intelligent collection, multiple protocol conversion, intelligent gateway, full Netcom, WIFI communication, RS485 communication, DIDO, data forwarding, virtual private network, local storage and other functions. A common and intelligent IoT channel is built between monitoring equipment and cloud service systems. It can assist customers to realize optical fiber, Ethernet, RS485, DID. , WIFI and other equipment intelligent acquisition, protocol conversion, wireless communication, etc. It is widely used in smart cities, smart multi-function poles, smart bus stations, smart agriculture and smart photovoltaic industries.

2. System architecture


3. Product function

  • It integrates functions such as intelligent data collection, multiple protocol conversion, intelligent gateway, data processing and forwarding, virtual private network, and local storage;

  • Gigabit optical fiber communication, optional single-mode single-fiber, single-mode dual-fiber, port type can choose FC port or SC port, can be cascaded, can be networked, the default communication distance is 20km;

  • ETH Ethernet communication, 10M/100M/1000M adaptive, support MDI/MDI-X port automatic flip;

  • WIFI supports AP mode, STA module, Repeater mode;

  • 3-way RS485 communication, supports up to 64 devices alone;

  • Rich DIDO resources 2DI, 212VDI, 1*12DIDO;

  • Support TCP/IP, WEPPL, OPC, Modbus, DNP3, DLT645 and other protocols. (customizable);

  • Stable and reliable communication, multiple software and hardware technologies ensure "permanent online" wireless connection, and applications in unattended environments are more secure;

  • Multiple security mechanisms such as VPN private network to ensure data security and reliability;

  • Industrial grade design and application, aluminum alloy metal shell, stable operation in harsh environment, high and low temperature resistance (-30°C to 75°C);

  • Based on "Linux" secondary development, customers can carry out secondary development of upper-layer applications according to project requirements, and the standard is easy to use;

  • 20kV surge lightning protection;

  • EMC Level4

  • Configuration parameters can be saved, greatly improving the configuration efficiency of large-scale M2M devices, and supporting parameter backup and import;

  • M2M equipment cloud platform, which centrally monitors, configures, upgrades and diagnoses a large number of communication terminals distributed in various places,etc., greatly reducing the maintenance cost of operators, integrators, equipment providers and other parties, and improving management efficiency;

  • Scalable Bluetooth 5.0 (BLE MESH) communication, up to 255 devices can be networked

4. Specification






Optical fiber

Cascading Gigabit Optical Port

Port form: SC port or FC port

Fiber mode: single-mode single-fiber or single-mode dual-fiber (default single-mode single-fiber) Communication distance: 20km, optional 100km

Connection method: cascade connection ring connection


Industrial serial port

3 ports

Serial port form: RJ45T industrial terminal

Serial port type: RS-485

Serial port parameters: 1200-115200bps

8 data bits

8 stop bits

No parity/odd parity/even parity No flow control


Ethernet port

1 WAN port

10/100M/1000M adaptive

RJ45 interface

Internet connection


Ethernet port

6 LAN ports

IEEE 802.3 10Base-T Ethernet

IEEE 802.3u 10Base-TX Fast Ethernet IEEE 802.3x flow control 10M/100M/1000M self-adaptation All ports can be used as UP-LINK ports Support MDI/MDI-X port automatic flip



1 port

Standard and frequency band: support IEEE802.11b/g/n standard

Theoretical bandwidth: IEEE802.11b/g: the highest rate is 54Mbps IEEE802.1 1n: the highest rate is 300Mbps

Security encryption: support WEP, WPA, WPA2 and other encryption modes Mode: STA mode, AP mode, Repeater mode


Indicator light

3 ports

Power Indicator

Operating status indicator

Network indicator


Antenna interface


Interface form: SMA interface

Interface assignment: WIFI antenna


USB interface


Interface form: USB interface

Interface assignment: USB


Debug interface


Interface form: Micro USB interface

Interface assignment: Debug port


Edge computing


NXP LS1 01 2A Cortex-A53


Edge computing


Main frequency 1G


Edge computing


512M DDR expandable to 1G


Edge computing


8G eMMC expandable to 1GMB





Operation and maintenance


link detection

PPP layer heartbeat

CMP probe

Multi-level link detection mechanisms such as TCP and application layer heartbeat maintain wireless links and support automatic reconnection after disconnection

Guaranteed "always-on" equipment

Support equipment operation self-test technology

Operation and maintenance


Embedded watchdog

Support equipment operation self-test technology,

Support equipment operation fault self-recovery

hardware door dog

Software door dog

Operation and maintenance

Network management

Network management

Support automatic dialing when the device is powered on

Support long connection mode, short connection mode

Support M2M device cloud platform, remote configuration Use local serial port or remote way to upgrade software, support local or remote view output log

It is convenient for engineers to check the running status of equipment

Support remote centralized management of communication terminals distributed in various places

Industrial design

Protection grade


Metal shell; system safety isolation; profile heat dissipation

Industrial design

Applicable Environment


Storage conditions

Operating temperature range: minus 20°C~70°C Storage temperature range: minus 30°C~80°C Relative humidity range: 15~95%RH non-condensing

Industrial design

Physical structure

Physical structure

Installation method: wall-mounted, rail-mounted

External shape size: 152.5x135x45mm

Weight: 2KG

5. Installation structure

gateway dimmension



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