The Overall Solution of Smart LED Street Lighting


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Smart Pole Round Type

Smart pole with functions of smart lighting control, CCTV, Electrical vehicle charging, environmental monitoring, WIFI.
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Smart Pole -- Round Type

                                         SPECIFICATION of SMART POLE


 Product Name



        smart pole

Smart Light

(Round Pole)

Height: 3.8metres

Power: 30Watts

Color:silvery white


1.      Lighting

2.     Camera

3.     Wifi

4.     Speaker

5.     Emergent Call

6.     Charging for Cars



1.     4 megapixel

2.     Support 2560*1440@30fps HD pictures output

3.     Horizontal field of view: 360°rotation, Vertical field of view: -15°to 90°

4.     Horizontal preset positions’ rate: 80°/s max, Vertical preset positions’ rate: 80°/s max

5.     Horizontal rate of manipulation: 0.1°to 80°/s, Vertical rate of manipulation:0.1 °to 80°/s

6.     Support 300 preset positions

7.     Support power cut memory function

8.     Support transient voltage protection protection and lightning protection

              Environmental monitoring

Environmental Monitoring

1.     Dimension: Diametre140mm, Height290mm

2.     Power supply mode: IEE802.3at/af POE power supply

3.     Communication mode: Ethernet communication

4.     Working voltage: Standard POE, 48V power supply

5.     Average current: ≤500mA

6.     Measured parameters: temperature, humidity, PM2.5, PM1.0, PM10, noise 

7.     Temperature range: -25~+85℃

8.     Temperature measurement accuracy: ±0.5℃

9.     Humidity range: 0~100%RH

10.    Humidity measurement accuracy: ±3 %RH

11.    Noise range: 30dB-120dB

12.    Noise measurement accuracy: ±0.5%

13.    PM2.5 effective range: 0-500ug/m³

14.     PM2.5 resolution ratio: 0.3ug/m³


        led screen

Full-color Screen for outdoor using 

(Information Publish)

1.     Pixel Pitch: 4mm

2.     Full-color LED screen

3.     Smart bringhtness control system

4.     Play vedio, pictures, words and other promotion materials.

5.     Support romote control of the screen.

6.     Single-side screen's dimension(W*H): 0.512*0.896=0.458 ㎡, double-side screen(customization)

7.      Color: Full color(RGB)

8.      Visual angle(H/V): 120°/120°

9.      Appropriate visual distance: 3-30m

10.    Service voltage: 85V-265V AC Power

11.    Dissipation: 400W/㎡

12.    Peak power: 1500W/㎡

13.    Working temperature: -30℃-50℃

14.    Working humidity: 10-99%RH



1.     Signal rate: 300Mbps

2.     Antenna: extemal water-proof 5dBi antenna, omnidirectional coverage

3.     Power supplied by Passive PoE

4.     Set 8max SSID


                 IP speaker

IP Network Active Speaker

1.      Wall-hanging Style integrated with functions as network audio decoding, digital amplifier and the speaker.

2.      Equipped with chip(ARM+DSP).Starting time≤1s 

3.      Romote monitoring of the speaker's working condition.

4.      Power supply, Power dissipation: DC≤24V,≤40W.

5.      Network communication protocol: TCP, UDP, ARP, ICMP, IGMP.

6.      Audio coding: MP2/MP3/PCM/ADPCM

7.      Audio samples, bit rate: 8kHz-44.1kHz, 16bit, 8kbps-320kbps.

8.      SNR(Signal to Noise Ratio),frequency response: ≥90dB, 50Hz- 15KHz(±3db)

9.      Broadcast Latency≤30ms


Emergency Call

1.      2 megapixel video capture, support voice talkback, broadcast.

2.      Support transmission through public web   

3.      Interface: self-adapting, 10M/100Mbps, TCP/IP 

4.      Dimension(mm): 170(H)*108(W)*36(D)



                charging pile

Charging Pile

1.      Installing form: Embedded

2.      Rated current: 32A

3.      Nominal voltage: 220V

4.      Rated power: 7KW

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