The Overall Solution of Smart LED Street Lighting


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CE 80A Industrial Circuit Breaker for Street Light Electricity Meter

Smart circuit breaker integrates smart electrical AC motor, reclosed circuit breaker, and wireless collector. It can realize high-precision metering of single-phase/three-phase AC power supply circuit, and a built-in power control of various smart logics. The circuit breaker also has the Protection function, Automatic reclosing, Metering performance, Electricity management, and Friendly display interface.
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  • HonorInsight

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  • Shenzhen, China

  • 5000000PC/Year

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  • 5 years

protection grade:

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Ce 80A Industrial Circuit Breaker for Street Light Electricity Meter

Brief introduction:

The device integrates smart meter, reclosed circuit breaker, and wireless collector. It can realize high-precision metering of single-phase/three-phase AC power supply circuit, and a built-in power control of various smart logics.

  1. Protection function: Monitor the power consumption of the output terminal and automatically cut off the power supply if an abnormal situation occurs.

  2. Automatic coincidence: Realize automatic reclosing in unattended environment after the line returns to normal.

  3. Metering function: With high-precision voltage and current real-time monitoring and energy metering, which will help to analyze energy consumption of the electricity devices.

  4. Wireless communication: With local RS485 communication and GPRS (2G / 3G) wireless communication, it can realize remote opening and closing control, fault inquiry and timing reporting of measurement data.

  5. Devices management: With perfect fault condition monitoring (overload, short circuit, over voltage and under voltage, phase loss, phase imbalance) and can report and give alarm prompts in real time.

  6. Electricity management: With a rate measurement in accordance with the national standard and can realize freezing data operation. Combined with wireless communication, remote management of electricity charges can be realized, and if arrears, the loop will close and all the devices will stop working.

  7. Humanized display interface: With an oversized LCD screen for remote and local information communication. The metering parameter and device status information is clear at a glance.

Technical parameters:
Communication Mode Standard RS485 / NetworkGPRS-2G/3G+RS485
Un(V) 230V~/400V~ 3x230V~/3x400V~
Ib(A) 20A 20A
Imax(A) 63A 80A
Hz 50/60Hz
Product Standard GB10963.1,GB/T17215.211-2006, GB/T17215.322-2008,
DL/T1487-2015, DL/T1485-2015, DL/T533-2007,
Accuracy Active
Chass 1.0
Chass 1.0
Protection short circuit, overload, over/under voltage, phase loss, alarm, remote
control, etc
Power consumption 0.5W
Constant 400 imp/kWh
Power lines 1 Line
Limit breaking

Insulated voltage

2500V/min Tripping time:<0.2S
Instantons tripping

TypeB, TypeC, TypeD
Surge Protection 6000V
Output auxiliary

5A max(250VAC)resistor load
Over/under voltage

280/115V( default value, configurable in platform)
Overload current

63/80A (default value, configurable in platform)
Electric life ≥5000times
Mechanical life ≥10000times
Operation time Trip≤0.3s, Reclose≤0.8s(exclude time delay)
Connection Direct Connection
Installation DIN installation of 35mm
Protection grade IP20

-25&deg;C~+65&deg;C / -40&deg;C~+75&deg;C
Relative humidity ≤95%

Unlock release
Identified the circuit fault, the electrician should pull out the safety lock and hang with a lock to solve the problem. Then, push back the safety lock, and try manually switching on the handle. If unsuccessful, electrician needs to check credit overdue or remotely switched off, by either RS485 or GPRS.

Safety lock
It is under operation mode while safety lock not pulled out.
It is under maintenance mode while safety lock is pulled out and needs to hang a lock. This safety lock has interlock with handle, and can't switch on, even manually, while lock pulled out. More security to maintenance electrician.

Company & Factory info:

Honor Insight Iot Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the research and development of the key technologies of the Internet of Things and big data as well as the promotion of industrialization, and to improve the intelligence level of enterprises, institutions and cities. The company chooses "simple and trustworthy, open and win-win" as its purpose, and always helps the government and enterprises to achieve efficient information management and zero emissions. 

At present, the company mainly provides smart city lighting management system based on Internet of Things like LoRa, NB-IoT and other communication technologies, photovoltaic power generation off-grid and grid-connected systems, environmental monitoring systems, smart city platforms, private cloud construction and other services. 

With ahead hardware and software solutions, supply chain channel integration capabilities, data value development capabilities and complete vertical service genes, we focus on the four major segments of smart PV, smart community, smart site and smart agriculture, together bringing a group of professional background talents from Baidu, Huawei, Tencent, Jinli, Yangzhi, Cisco, etc. In product planning, big data analysis, hardware access, UI design, mobile development, cloud building, system integration, data products and applications.


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Ce 80A Industrial Circuit Breaker for Street Light Electricity Meter

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