The Overall Solution of Smart LED Street Lighting


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Industrial Gateway for Multi-Function Smart City Pole

WE- GW-G100 smart cloud box is a industrial gateway, it is used in smart light pole in smart city. Comply with IEEE 802.3 10 Base-T, IEEE 802.3u 100 Base-TX, IEEE802.3z standards; Built-in high-efficiency SRAM data storage space and 1K lookup table, equipped with 4-way hash algorithm; The smart cloud box support back pressure flow control, IEEE802.3 X and half duplex; Support automatic switching between parallel lines and cross lines; Comply with FCC and 15 CLASS A and CE standards
  • WE-GW-G100

  • HonorInsight

  • 8537109090

  • Shenzhen, China

  • 50000PCS/Year

  • T/T

  • 3 years

working temperature:
driver voltage:
Electrical interface:

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The WE-GW-G100 is an industrial-grade IoT communication router that provides users with long-distance big data transmission functions using 3G/4G networks, Ethernet networks and WIFI networks.

This product can be widely used in M2M industry in the IoT industry chain, such as in smart light pole, smart bus station, smart grid, smart transportation, smart home, finance, mobile POS terminal, supply chain automation, industrial automation, intelligent building, fire protection , public safety, environmental protection, gas town, digital medical, remote sensing, military, space exploration, agriculture, forestry, water management, coal, petrochemical and other fields.

Industrial Gateway for Multi-Function Smart City Pole

2.Functional diagram

Industrial Gateway for Multi-Function Smart City Pole

3. Product Dimension
Industrial Gateway for Multi-Function Smart City Pole

4. Appearance and remarks

Industrial Gateway for Multi-Function Smart City Pole
  1. DC12V output +

  2. DC12V output -

  3. DC5V output +

  4. DC5V output - and digital grounding

  5. RX-RS232

  6. TX-RS232

  7. A-RS485

  8. B-RS485

  9. D1

  10. D2

  11. D3

  12. RST

  13. WAN interface

  14-17. LAN1-LAN4
   18. 4G signal indicator
   19. 3G signal indicator
   20. Ethernet signal indicator
   21. WiFi signal indicato

Industrial Gateway for Multi-Function Smart City Pole
  1. 4G antenna interface

  2. GPS antenna interface

  3. WiFi antenna interface

  4. WIFI antenna interface

  5. SIM card slot

  6. USB interface

  7. Reset button

  8. Power indicator

  9. Power input interface

5. Industrial grade application design
  • Industrial-grade wireless modules with high performance

  • Industrial grade 580M processor, 128M DDR, and 32M FLASH with high performance

  • Low power mode supported: sleep mode and timing online/offline mode

  • Metal case to safely isolate the system, suitable for being applied to the industrial site; stable 7X24 hours of uninterrupted work in various outdoor environments and industrial environments with strong interference

  • RS232/RS485 interface with built-in 5KV ESD protection

  • WDT watchdog design to ensure system stability

  • Power interface built-in reverse phase protection and over-voltage protection

  • Wide power input (DC6-36V)

6. Function features  
Edge computing: powerful multi-end data concurrency, protocol parsing, strategy enforcement, algorithm analysis; excellent terminal equipment access and capacity, including camera, led screen, charging pile, one-button alarm, public broadcast, weather station, atomization for dust prevention, electronic fence, smart air, smart metering, etc.

Artificial intelligence: 580M main frequency, scalable GPU, combined with the cloud to provide powerful Al capabilities, including face recognition, face comparison, people recognition, people counting, license plate recognition, car counting and big data modeling.

Multi-network integration: supports 4G, WiFi (STA and AP), simultaneous online supported for Ethernet and other networks, scalable downlink Bluetooth, LoRaWAN, Zigbee and other wireless communications

Beidou GPS: high-precision Beidou GPS positioning and anti-theft detection

Secondary development: support Linux application development and script development; support MQTT, TCP, UDP, MODBUS and other communication and data protocols; support private cloud platform for smart lighting, private Huawei OceanConnect cloud platform, private Surfing IoT cloud platform, Ali cloud, AWS, Microsoft and other public cloud platforms.
7. Interface definition  
Interface Number Description
DC6-36V input 1 gateway box power supply interface, wide voltage input
DC5V output 1 Provide 5V/1 A supply power for external devices
DC12V output 1 Provide 12V/1A  supply power for external devices
RJ45-WAN 1 LPWAN input interface, receiving wired network input and connecting to the external network
RJ45-LAN 4 provides network communication to devices, 10/100Mbps speed
DIDO interface 3 digital input and output interface
RS485 1 to connect various RS485 devices
RS232 1 to connect various RS232 devices
USB 1 for external USB devices
WIFI antenna interface 2 SMA interface for external WIFI omnidirectional antenna connection
4G antenna interface 1 SMA interface for external 4G omnidirectional antenna connection
GPS antenna interface 1 SMA interface for external GPS antenna connection
SIM slot 1 SIM card
Indicator light 5 power indicator, 4G indicator, 3G indicator, Ethernet indicator, WIFI indicator
Reset button 1 system reset function


8. Cases
Industrial Gateway for Multi-Function Smart City Pole
Industrial Gateway for Multi-Function Smart City Pole
Industrial Gateway for Multi-Function Smart City Pole
Industrial Gateway for Multi-Function Smart City Pole
Industrial Gateway for Multi-Function Smart City Pole

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