The Overall Solution of Smart LED Street Lighting


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Smart Pole with Camera Led Screen Broadcasting WIFI And Environmental Sensor

  • WE-PO-20

  • HonorInsight IoT/ OEM

  • 9405409000

  • Shenzhen, China

  • 5000000PC/Year

  • T/T, Paypal

  • 1 years ( can negotiate)

Pole height:
Edge devices:

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Smart Pole with Camera Led Screen Broadcasting WIFI And Environmental Sensor


Smart City Pole:

    Smart light pole is a new type of information infrastructure that integrates LED lighting, camera surveillance, traffic management, environmental monitoring, communication and other functions. It consists of infrastructure and poles, lighting facilities, traffic, video surveillance and other pole-mounted facilities. An important carrier of the new smart city. ... Smart light poles, as an important part and important entrance of a smart city, are a natural carrying platform for the construction of smart city informatization.

Pole-mounted facilities:

camera screen

Hikvision camera


Smart LED lighting

camera screen

LED screen for info releas

charging pile

EV charging pile

smart pole gateway

Gateway for smart city pole--can manage both high-voltage devices and low-voltage devices

environmental sensor

Environmental monitoring for PM2.5, PM10, temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direrction, CO2,noise,atmospheric pressure

Web-based management platform:


Phone application for smart pole monitoring :

APP of smart city pole

Multi sub-system for pole-mounted devices management:

Smart LED lighting system

Camera surveillance system

LED display system

Weather monitoring system

WIFI system

EV charging system

SOS system

Public broadcasting system



With LED screen


LED screen can show weather data from environmental sensors

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