The Overall Solution of Smart LED Street Lighting

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Why a city needs smart muiltfunction poles?

Why a city needs smart muiltfunction poles?Smart city light poles are public infrastructures that promote the harmony of urban appearance, ecological environment and social development.First, in terms of the harmony of the city, smart light poles can greatly reduce the complexity of urban ground fac

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What does an industrial gateway in smart pole do?

Intelligent street light pole cloud box gateway is an integrated intelligent communication device used on multi-functional light poles. It mainly provides gateway support for various terminals on street light poles, performs data collection, localized data processing, and instructions of control a

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Whta's the difference between Lorawan, zigbee and other wireless way?

To figure out what are the diferences of these wireless communication ways, we can have a look at the below chart from these parameters:

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The bright future of the smart farm

AI, the Internet of things, large data, is the future trend of all industries. In agriculture, it can not only solve the difficulties of lack of work, but also become the adaptation strategy under the climate change. In the future, South Korea will the Seedream24 billion won by the Ministry of scien

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Development direction of intelligent lighting

Since the entry into the Chinese market in the 90s of last century, the intelligent lighting industry has been in a slow development trend because of the influence of market consumption consciousness, market environment, product price, promotion and so on. All sectors of the industry believe that co

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2018 China Road Lighting Forum NB-IoT+LoRa build leading intelligent lighting solutions

The 2018 China Road Lighting Forum was grandly opened at Shanghai Songjiang Fuyue Hotel. This road lighting forum was jointly sponsored by China Lighting Association, China Lighting Association Outdoor Lighting Professional Committee, and China Municipal Engineering Association Urban Lighting Profes

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Application status and characteristics of intelligent transportation in smart city construction

In order to break through the bottleneck of urban development and promote the harmonious development of cities, intelligent city construction covers all aspects of urban life, involving various systems of urban operation and management, such as transportation, security, tourism, education and so on.

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Smart street lights will become important data entry

At present, intelligent cities are based on information technology such as large data, Internet, and cloud computing. It can predict the demand intelligently in all aspects of social management and public life, and help the government and the public to effectively and rationally allocate and use the

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Intelligent water conservancy

"Intelligent water conservancy" refers to the deep integration of modern information technology (Internet of things, Internet, communication network, cloud computing, terminal equipment, etc.) with traditional water conservancy and the collection, transmission, storage, processing and service of wat

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