The Overall Solution of Smart LED Street Lighting

Development direction of intelligent lighting

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Since the entry into the Chinese market in the 90s of last century, the intelligent lighting industry has been in a slow development trend because of the influence of market consumption consciousness, market environment, product price, promotion and so on. All sectors of the industry believe that consumers' lack of knowledge about intelligent lighting is the main reason why the market is at an early stage. In recent years, with the rapid development of the national economy, especially in the real estate industry, the domestic intelligent lighting industry has developed rapidly, and various types of manufacturers have emerged. There are various types of intelligent switching products in the market.

Although the field of intelligent lamp control has not formed a large-scale national consumer market at present, most intelligent lighting manufacturers are still trying to guide consumers. In the construction of the channels, they have been exploring the mode suitable for this industry. The products near the actual demand are increasing, and the functional positioning and stability of the products have been obtained. Great progress. Regional sales experience of manufacturers, distributors, integrators and decoration companies has been increasing.

The unique charm of intelligent lighting

1. fully automatic dimming intelligent lighting control system can be fully automated. There are several basic states of the system, which automatically switch to each other at preset time and automatically adjust the illuminance to the most appropriate level.

2. the full use of natural light source can adjust the light control facilities (such as 100 pages of curtains) to regulate natural light, and can also be connected with the lighting system. When the weather changes, the system can be automatically adjusted. No matter where or how the weather changes, the system can ensure that the indoor illumination is maintained at a predetermined level.

The consistency of 3. illuminance general lighting designers will take into account the time lapse, the luminaire efficiency and the attenuation of the albedo of the room, so the initial illumination is set higher when the new building is illuminated by the general lighting designer. This design not only causes inconsistencies in the illumination of the building during the same period of use (or the interval between two decorations), but also causes unnecessary energy waste due to the high level of illumination at the beginning. With intelligent lighting control, although illuminance is still high, the system will keep a constant illumination in the light area according to the pre set standard brightness, which is not affected by the reduction of luminaire efficiency and the attenuation of the wall reflectivity.

The intelligent lighting control system of intelligent conversion of 4. light environment scene can set different scene modules in advance, and the required scene can be transferred to the corresponding control panel when needed. Users can also adjust the scene in real time to meet different requirements through the programmable control panel. In addition, users can change the settings of different scenes with the portable programmer through the interface.

5. energy saving intelligent lighting control system can adjust the light of most lamps and lanterns (including incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, sodium lamp with special ballast, mercury lamp, neon lamp, etc.), and give full lighting to the places needed and the time needed. Turn off the lamps and lanterns that are not needed in time and make full use of natural light. The realization of intelligent lighting control can generally save 20 to 40% of the electricity, not only reduces the user's electricity expenses, but also reduces the power supply pressure.

6. as long as the life of light source is extended, it is well known that the main reason for the damage of the light source is the overvoltage of the electric network, so long as the working voltage is properly lowered, the life of the light source can be prolonged.  The intelligent lighting control system adopts the soft start mode, which can control the impact voltage and surge voltage of the power grid, make the filament free from heat shock, and prolong the life span of the light source by 2 to 4 times, which is more special for the use of light source and the difficult area of installation. In a word, the combination of intelligent and lighting technology has built a full technical platform to fully deduce the concept of green and sustainable lighting, such as energy saving, low consumption, long life, operation saving, human-oriented and so on.

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