The Overall Solution of Smart LED Street Lighting

Why a city needs smart muiltfunction poles?

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Why a city needs smart muiltfunction poles?

Smart city light poles are public infrastructures that promote the harmony of urban appearance, ecological environment and social development.

First, in terms of the harmony of the city, smart light poles can greatly reduce the complexity of urban ground facilities, making them practical, beautiful, simple and generous. The appearance of the light pole can be themed art design to better reflect the characteristics of the city.

Second, smart poles and towers greatly reduce the energy consumption of municipal facilities through sharing and intelligentization. The environmental information collected by the poles and towers can be used for urban noise and pollution prevention and control, and promote green and coordinated development.

Third, in terms of social harmony, smart towers, as an information-based public infrastructure, not only promote the common development of multiple industries, but also provide safety guarantees and convenient life services for urban residents, making the city more livable and socially safe and stable.



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