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Application status and characteristics of intelligent transportation in smart city construction

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In order to break through the bottleneck of urban development and promote the harmonious development of cities, intelligent city construction covers all aspects of urban life, involving various systems of urban operation and management, such as transportation, security, tourism, education and so on. In the smart city's goal decomposition and landing, it has been implemented as a relatively large subdivision of intelligent transportation, smart tourism, intelligent medical treatment, intelligent education and so on. Urban construction, transportation and transportation are the arteries of urban economic development. Intelligent transportation is an important part of smart city construction. Intelligent transportation can alleviate traffic congestion, improve urban traffic conditions, play the maximum urban traffic efficiency, establish a new generation of comprehensive traffic coordination system for the coordinated operation of human, car, road and environment, and improve the overall operation efficiency of the urban traffic system, and play a very important role in the wave of the construction of intelligent cities.

Application status and characteristics of intelligent transportation in smart city construction

With the rapid improvement of the urban economic level in China, the construction of traffic infrastructure is accelerated, the demand for urban traffic is greatly increased and the contradiction of traffic supply and demand is becoming increasingly prominent. A series of problems such as traffic congestion, traffic pollution, frequent traffic accidents and parking difficulties have become bottlenecks that restrict the development of urban society and economy, and become the current traffic. The focus of management is also the focus of urban intelligent transportation construction. At present, the application of intelligent transportation is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. the construction of high definition video surveillance system. It can help traffic managers to carry out traffic command and dispatch, curb traffic violations, maintain traffic order, and help public security personnel to carry out public security prevention and control and criminal investigation department to improve the card port, electronic police, traffic guidance, signal control, traffic information analysis, traffic incident detection and mobile police service.

2. construction of road traffic flow, traffic situation analysis system, traffic guidance and release system. Through traffic flow analysis and situation analysis system, the current urban road congestion is analyzed in real time, and the real-time condition of road is released through the induced release system. After understanding the road congestion condition, the public can reasonably choose the travel routes to alleviate the serious local congestion. With the traffic guidance and release system, it can also remind the abnormal situation of the front road in real time and bypass ahead of schedule.

3. the construction of GPS monitoring system. The management of multiple information, such as file management, positioning monitoring and real-time scheduling of two passenger and one dangerous vehicles, can effectively control the problems of vehicle overspeed, bypass, slow response and so on, fully realize the dynamic management of vehicle comprehensive information, and further improve the dynamic monitoring and emergency command and dispatch ability of vehicles, and further improve the capability of vehicle dynamic monitoring and emergency command and dispatch. High vehicle management level and management efficiency provide guarantee for safe driving and scientific management of vehicles.

4. construction of the bus supervision system. It can effectively solve the problem of public security monitoring, surveillance of passengers' Evasion and the theft of tickets by officers and passengers. When traffic accidents such as vehicle scraping or collision occur during the operation of vehicles, it is necessary to assist in identifying the accident liability after the event and get rid of the backward status of "invisible and unable to hear" in the operation of bus vehicles.

5. construction of urban parking guidance management system. The roadside parking resources and non roadside parking resources are managed in an orderly way through intelligent and networked technology, so as to improve the convenience of the driver, standardize the charging process and simplify the work of the toll collector.  Through the roadside parking guidance screen or the mobile APP, it provides the driver with the parking lot, the remaining parking space and the induction path in real time, guides the driver to stop, reduces the time consumption of the driver to find the parking space and parking space, reduces the exhaust emission, road congestion, noise and so on, so as to stop the parking. It's more difficult.

6. construction car networking system. Internet Co moves frequently in the field of pilotless, using its own technology, data precipitation, the advantage of capital and mature Internet thinking, and continuously launch vehicle networking products and solutions, seize the market, and play an important role in the development of the intelligent transportation industry.

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