The Overall Solution of Smart LED Street Lighting

Smart street lights will become important data entry

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At present, intelligent cities are based on information technology such as large data, Internet, and cloud computing. It can predict the demand intelligently in all aspects of social management and public life, and help the government and the public to effectively and rationally allocate and use the resources.

In the future, many intelligent household appliances, which are closely related to urban operation and resident life, will be used as data entry and undertake the task of collecting data for the intelligent city system. Correspondingly, the huge demand for data collection provides excellent potential market and business opportunities for the upgrading of traditional appliances and other electronic products.

Smart street lights will become important data entry

For street traffic, pedestrians, vehicles, security and other information collection, street lamps are undoubtedly the best available carriers. The road lights are bound to have road lights. With the layout of the street lamps, the data collection of the relevant traffic, pedestrians and security in the intelligent city system can easily cover the whole city road without leaving the dead corner.

At present, the smart street lamps have come out, equipped with cameras, display screens, emergency calls, radio frequency labels and other devices, and are equipped with 4G or other wireless communication systems. The camera is used to observe the condition of the pavement and pedestrians, and the collected images and other data are transmitted to the control platform through related communication systems. Some of the more advanced security cameras can also achieve remote control, which means that the control platform can change the angle of each camera at any time to obtain a higher quality picture.

The display screen on the intelligent street lamp is responsible for displaying traffic information, such as traffic congestion and road conditions ahead. When the camera captures a serious traffic jam in a section, the background can be displayed on the screen attached to the street lamp, which is convenient for the driver to detour in time.

The use of RFID induction devices for smart street lamps is quite special. For a long time, urban residents and managers were troubled by the theft of manhole covers. When the radio frequency label is embedded on the cover of the manhole, as long as the cover of the well is illegally moved, the radio frequency label induction device on the street lamp will be activated, the precise location of the moving scented well cover and other related information will be transmitted to the backstage. At the same time, the covered manhole cover can be easily located through the information transmission of the street lamp.

The function of RFID attached to smart street lights can play a key role in the burglar and maintenance of public assets such as manhole covers.

Intelligent street lamp integrates charging pile equipment, and can also be used for charging. Electric cars can be recharged on the roadside for temporary parking or overnight. They only need to pay by charging time or by using magnetic cards.  Intelligent street lamp with intelligent charging pile function will become the main collection point of charging data for new energy vehicles in the city.

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