The Overall Solution of Smart LED Street Lighting


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2.4GHz IoT Light Controller

The NEMA interface wireless single light controller is designed for road and area lighting in smart cities. It has the functions of switching, dimming and monitoring lamps; GPS positioning function; ambient illumination detection and street lamp tilting.The three-primary LED light source is used to reproduce various "natural light" illuminations, with richer chromatograms and softer lighting. Using 2.4GHz protocols, we can meet most areas of wireless communication.
  • WE-MA-B10

  • HonorInsight IoT/ OEM

  • 8537109090

  • Shenzhen, China

  • 5000000PCS/Year

  • T/T

  • 3 years

protection grade:

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2.4GHz IoT Light Controller


1. Introduction

WE-CON-B10 is a 2.4GHz MESH single light controller with power grid parameter measurement and statistical functions. Combined with our self-developed cloud platform and mobile APP, it can realize intelligent control of lights. The controller has power grid parameter acquisition, relay output, 0-10v (PWM) output, and has the functions of manual control, automatic control, strategy control and fault alarm of lights. This series of products is specially designed for industrial lighting scenes, street lights, high bay lights, high pole lights, plant lighting, landscape lighting and other applications. Ultra-high efficiency, compact shell design, and good heat dissipation greatly improve the reliability of the product and prolong the life of the product. All-round protection, including lightning protection, over-voltage protection, short-circuit protection and over-temperature protection, ensures the trouble-free operation of this product.

2. Features:

 Application Design 

Compact shell design, with excellent thermal performance and waterproof performance

Grid parameter collection

Energy consumption statistics

Policy control

Fault and status reporting function

Remote firmware upgrade

 Multiple Support 

2.4G MESH wireless communication

Support local one-to-one upgrading via mobile phone

Support local modification of server address and port information

Support local detection of light controller signal strength, device time and network connection status

Support local detection device ID, ICCID, metering module status, RTC module status

Support local reading of light control system information, parameter information, policy information, inspection time, device chip status

Support remotely or locally control the brightness of the light via mobile phone

Support local reading of lamp controller voltage and current data

Support 0-10V dimming, support PWM dimming

Lightning protection: differential mode 6KV, common mode 6KV

All-round protection: over-temperature protection, over-voltage protection, leakage protection

IP65 and suitable for UL dry, humid and watery environment

3 years warranty

3. Parameters




Input voltage


Wide voltage input, 220V by default

The output voltage


Wide voltage output

Rated output current


Large load needs to be customized

Rated output power


220V typical input

Number of output

1 way

Optional two outputs

Dimming method

0-l0 V or PWM

The default is 0-10V

Dimming range


Need driver support

Grid parameters

Voltage, current, power factor, power

Statistics can be calculated

Protection level



Installation size




Glue stick or magnetic antenna


Hardware parameters


Power metering

0-100% brightness full range power metering

Measurement error


Maximum driveable load current

≤10A per group

Control strategy data storage time limit

can support continuous power failure for 168 hours without loss of strategy data

Working temperature


Adapt to humidity


EMC test complies with the following standards

GB/T9254.1-2021, GB/T9254.2-2021

Lightning protection

common mode 6KV, differential mode 6KV

Leakage measurement

The minimum measurable leakage current is 5mA

Lightning protection grounding wire monitoring

The hardware can upload the grounding condition of the equipment

Communication method

2.4G mesh wireless networking to issue control commands and strategies, and report data, and remote firmware upgrades, support offline mobile phone local control devices, check device operation

4. Wiring definition

Controller Input

Controller Output 1

Controller Dimming

L line: Bronze

N line: Blue

GND line: Yellow green

L line: Bronze

N line: Blue

GND line: Yellow green

Dim+ line: Purple

Dim- line: Grey

5. FAQ:

Q1: Do you provide sample for test?
A1: Yes. Please feel free to make a sample order.

Q2: What is the MOQ.
A2: Please send your inquiry. We will provide the Latest Price and MOQ.

Q3: What is your payment?
A3: We accept T/T, Paypal etc.

Q4: What is your deliver time?
A4: Usually, 7-15 days for sample order, 20-30 days for batch order.

Q5: What about your shipment?
A5: We use DHL, EMS etc for sample order, for batch order, by sea or by air.

Q6: How many Lighting controllers can one gateway control?
A6: Around 500 controllers.

Q7: Can lighting controllers working when the gateway not working?
A7: Yes.  Controller will keep working as strategy.

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