The Overall Solution of Smart LED Street Lighting


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Lorawan 15A 12V 24V MPPT Solar Charge Controller

The DM160-U controller can record the operating status of the whole system, including operating days, over-dischargings, full-chargings, etc. And besides, it can also keep a record of battery voltage changes in a week, enabling the user to have a clear understanding of the system and conduct better analysis on it. The user needs to use the remote control (CU-ALL) to read the system's operating status, and when the reading is successfully done, the parameters will be recorded in the remote control.
  • DM160-U

  • HonorInsight IoT/ OEM

  • 9032899090

  • Shenzhen, China

  • 5000000PCS/Year

  • T/T, Paypal

  • 3 years

System Voltage:

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Lorawan 15A 12V 24V MPPT Solar Charge Controller

160 1000

15A Lora Solar Street Light Controller for Smart Solar Lighting

APP of smart solar street light

Product Parameter:
Items Value
Model DM120 DM160 DM200
System voltage 12V/24V
Zero load loss < 25mA/12V; < 15mA/24V;
Load current 50mA~3960mA 50mA~5280mA 50mA~6600mA
Load voltage 12V system: 15V to 60V / 24V system: 30V to 60V
Maximum power of load 60W/12V;120W/24V 80W/12V;160W/24V 100W/12V;200W/24V
Charge and discharge conversion efficiency 90% ~ 96%
Load current accuracy < 3%
MPPT tracking efficiency > 99%
Maximum charge current 10A 15A 20A
Maximum solar panel power 130W/12V;260W/24V 200W/12V;400W/24V 260W/12V;520W/24V
Solar input voltage ≤ 60V ≤ 95V
Step-up charge voltage/charge voltage 14.4V (lead acid battery); 12.5V (lithium battery) (settable)
Floating charge voltage/charge return voltage 13.8V (lead-acid battery); 12.0V (lithium battery) (settable)
Over discharge voltage 11.0V (lead-acid battery); 9.2V (lithium battery) (settable)
Over discharge return voltage 12.6V (lead acid battery); 10.2V (lithium battery) (settable)
Light control voltage 5V ~ 15V (settable)
Light control delay 1min ~ 60min (settable)
Operating temperature -35 ~ +65
IP rating IP68
Weight 380g 480g 580g
Controller dimensions (mm) 114*88*25 142*88*25 153*114.4*;34
Controller installation size (mm) 74*82 102*82 123*103


1. What's the protocol controller and gateway used?
     Standard LoRaWAN protocol.

2. What frequency controller and gateway support?

3. What's the max light power controller can support?
There are four controllers from 60w to 200w, pls check below parameter of them:

Module Battery volatage Max light power Max panel power Max charge current
DM60-U 12v 60w 130w 10A
DM120-U 12v/24v 60w/120w 130w/260w 10A
DM160-U 12v/24v 80w/120w 200w/400w 15A
DM200-U 12v/24v 100w/200w 260w/520w 20A

4. Where should be light controllers installed?
  The controller is of IP68 protection level, so it can be installed both inside or outside the light with the antenna outside to get good signal.

5. How should I cofigure light controllers network in order to establish server connection?
  There is no need for any configuration. Once the controllers are installed they start the communication and establish connection with central server software automatically. 

6. Where can be installed network gateway?
  Gateway can be installed any highest location within radio coverage of light controllers network.

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