The Overall Solution of Smart LED Street Lighting


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Lorawan Color Temperature Adjustable IP66 LED Street Light Controller

WE-MA-20 wireless single-light controller can realize dual color temperature control function. Under harsh weather conditions such as rain, fog, smog, snow, and sand, the artificial intelligence system will collect PM2.5, temperature, humidity, rainwater, and other data, then precisely adjusted the light to a yellow with a color temperature of 3000K. The yellow light has good diffractive properties, high scattering intensity, and radiation wavelength, which makes the light penetration ability stronger and effectively solves the driving problem and keep the driver safe.
  • WE-MA-20

  • HonorInsight

  • 8537109090

  • Shenzhen, China

  • 5000000PCS/Year

  • T/T

  • 3 years

protection grade:

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Lorawan Color Temperature Adjustable IP66 LED Street Light Controller

NEMA street lamp controller

Product introduction

The LoRaWAN wireless single-lamp controller is mainly used for lighting energy-saving control.
It adopts LoRa communication, which can provide remote ON/OFF and dimming control for dimmable LED drive power or dimmable electronic ballast to realize intelligent control of lighting devices.
It has the functions of intensity adjustment, light soft start, timing control, scene setting, etc.; and it is safe, energy saving and high efficient.

Technical parameter

MCU  ARM Cortex-M3
Frequency range 470-510MHz ISM/EU 863-870MHz ISM/US 902- 928MHz ISM
Transmitted power Max 17dBm
Receive sensitivity -125dBm~-140dBm
Antenna Inserted antenna
Sensor 0.01lux~83K lux
Operating voltage 100~277V AC
Operating frequency 50/60 Hz
Load power 1500W(220VAC)
IP level  IP65
Size R=34.5mm
Protocol LoRaWAN

Product details: 


LoRaWAN solution outline


What can the system do?

--Support remote switch on/off, dimming, color temperature adjusting, group controlling, camera monitoring...
--Support electricity report of power consumption & power saving
--Support interval status report and fault alarm
--Support power rate setting and electricity bill checking

color temperature adjustment





1. What's the protocol controller and gateway used?
 Standard LoRaWAN protocol. 

2. What frequency controller and gateway support?

3. What are the requirements for light to install the system?
Lights must have a dimmable driver capable ofreceiving either 0-10v or PWM dimming signal.

4. Where should be light controllers installed?
There are two controllers for options. WE-MA-10 can be used for lights with NEMA interface while WE-CON-10 can be installed inside lights that without NEMA interface or in in transformation projects.

5. How should I cofigure light controllers network in order to establish server connection?
There is no need for any configuration. Once the controllers are installed they start the communication and establish connection with central server software automatically.

6. Where can be installed network gateway?
 Gateway can be installed any highest location within radio coverage of light controllers network.

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