The Overall Solution of Smart LED Street Lighting


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IoT Gateway with Local SIM Card for Outdoor Street Lighting

WE-GW-10 Gateway is a full-duplex data communication industrial-grade outdoor gateway based on LoRaWAN protocol, which is of high-performance, low-power and wide range networking. It is waterproof and of wide voltage input to be the key equipment for building low-power WAN. It can support all kinds of equipments two-way wireless communication services, LoRaWAN, 2G/3G/4G wireless communication and 100M Ethernet wired communication. supports frequency bands of CN470-510, US915, AU915, AS923, KR920, IN865. It is used for Smart street lighting.
  • WE-GW-10

  • HonorInsight

  • 8517629900

  • Shenzhen, China

  • 500000PCS/Year

  • T/T, Paypal

  • 3 years

protection grade:

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IoT Gateway with Local SIM Card for Outdoor Street Lighting

1.1 Brief introduction:

      WE-GW-10 gateway is a full-duplex data communication industrial-grade outdoor gateway based on LoRaWAN protocol, which is of high-performance, low-power and wide range networking. It is waterproof and of wide voltage input to be the key equipment for building low-power WAN. It can support all kinds of equipments two-way wireless communication services, LoRaWAN, 2G/3G/4G wireless communication and 100M Ethernet wired communication. It can also meet the networking requirements of high-speed communication, low power consumption, and many nodes access. More importantly, this industrial-grade communication device can work stably in harsh environments so it is an ideal gateway to apply to smart lighting, smart city, smart community, smart bus station and other fields when supports frequency bands of CN470-510, US915, AU915, AS923, KR920, IN865.

1.2 Features:

   12V~36V wide voltage DC input

  • Follow LoRoWAN wireless transmission protocol to support transmission and reception of full-duplex LoRa communication

  • Support multiple network access methods such as 2G/3G/4G and LAN

  • Adaptive data transfer rate

  • Output power up to 23dBm

  • Sensitivity dropped to -142.5dBm

  • Support 8 channels of concurrent, the number of accessible nodes is up to 2000

  • The farthest transmission distance is 15Km (line of sight), 2Km (city distance)

  • Supports various operating frequencies such as CN470MHz/US915MHz/EU868MHz

  • Effective lightning protection grounding protection

1.3 Performance parameters:

Communication parameters Notes
Operating frequency CN470MHz/US915MHz/EU868MHz
Transmit power < 23dBm
Receive sensitivity > -142.5dBm
Transmission distance City: 2Km  line of sight: 15Km
Access method LAN, 2G/3G/4G
Data Protocol UDP/TCP/MQTT
LoRa antenna T-NC female interface
4G antenna T-NC female interface

1.4  Hardware parameters

Hardware parameters Notes
Supply voltage 12V~36V  Recommended: 12V/1A
Power consumption  <1W
Working temperature -40~80°C
Network / power interface RJ45 + DC
Waterproof rating IP66

1.5  Structural parameters

  Weight: 2850g
  Size: 640x340x103 (mm)

2.2 Accessory schematic diagram

Gateway hardware

2.3 Schematic diagram after installation

Lorawan Gateway

2.4 Sim card installation

  2.4.1 Unscrew and open the gateway


  2.4.2 Find the SIM card holder location


  2.4.3 Insert the sim card


  2.4.4 Close the gateway and tighten all the screws

2.5 Antenna installation

  2.5.1 LoRaWAN has 2 antennas of different lengths, and the short is 4G antenna, which is connected to the right side of the front of the gateway. The long is the LoRaWAN antenna, which is connected to the left side of the front of the gateway. As shown below:


2.6 Ethernet connection

    Plug the network cable into the gateway line.


2.7 Adaptor connection

    WE-GW-10 is typically used in complex external environments. In order to adapt to the complex application environment and improve the stability of the system, the gateway uses advanced power technology. Users can either use the standard 24VDC/2A power adapter or directly use the DC 12~36V power supply to power the gateway. If user use external power supply, the stability of the power supply must be ensured (the ripple should be less than 300mV and the instantaneous voltage does not exceed 36V), and the power of supply should be bigger than 5W. A standard 24VDC/2A power supply is recommended.  


3. Operation

    After the above installation, the gateway can be powered on normally, and the user can grasp the running status of the gateway according to the indicators of the gateway.

3.1 Power-on

    The indicator light is red during the power-on of the gateway.

3.2 Networking connection

    When the network is connecting, the indicator light flashes blue.

3.3 Successful networking

    When successful to connect to network and establish with the cloud platform, the indicator light is green.


Company&Factory info

    Guangdong HonorInsight IoT Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the research and development of the key technologies of the Internet of Things and big data as well as the promotion of industrialization, and to improve the intelligence level of enterprises, institutions and cities. The company chooses "simple and trustworthy, open and win-win" as its purpose, and always helps the government and enterprises to achieve efficient information management and zero emissions. 

    At present, the company mainly provides smart city lighting management system based on Internet of Things like LoRa, NB-IoT and other communication technologies, photovoltaic power generation off-grid and grid-connected systems, environmental monitoring systems, smart city platforms, private cloud construction and other services. 

    With ahead hardware and software solutions, supply chain channel integration capabilities, data value development capabilities and complete vertical service genes, we focus on the four major segments of smart PV, smart community, smart site and smart agriculture, together bringing a group of professional background talents from Baidu, Huawei, Tencent, Jinli, Yangzhi, Cisco, etc. In product planning, big data analysis, hardware access, UI design, mobile development, cloud building, system integration, data products and applications.


Guangdong HonorInsight IoT Technology Co., Ltd.             simple and trustworthy, open and win-win 
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