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196 pcs IoT solar lamps running perfectly for 350 days

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196 solar lamps have running for almost one year with perfect records

No doubt using wireless ways to monitor and manage our street lights can save plenty of time and improve the efficiency in maintaining the lights.It's certain new technology also needs time to prove it itself. Let's take this project for example.

The project was build Auguest, 27th last year as the project basic info had told us. Now the online rate is 100% and no faults happen ! That means 196 pcs lamps are all within our control and now they are working good to provide light for the village.


Altogether they have generataing power 20368.6 kw

For the past one year, they have altogether generated 20368.6 kw for the village and what those lights saved is Equivalent to 19900 kg of CO2. Solar is truly the most clean energy for earth !


System can not help to monitor if there is any fault for the lamp, but record all the running information of lamo, battery and panel.

By checking the data of lamps user can get the accurate data of battery and lamp, no suppliers dare to lie about the actual parameters of lamp and battery any more !



Those marks are cute, aren't they? :D

GIS map can automatically get the location of all the lamps, it's easy to find the alarm lamp in the map since it will be in different colors.

Welcome to contact us if you have needs for remotely managing your solar lamps :)


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