The Overall Solution of Smart LED Street Lighting

Solar Light Control System-- Light Status and Parameters Real-time update

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    In order to better manage solar street lights, HonorInsight IoT has applied the Internet of Things technology to solar street lights, enabling users to remotely use mobile apps or computers to monitor their lights.

    Today we will focus on explaining an important function in the solar light management system, the real-time updating of street light status and data monitoring.

  • Street light status and data monitoring

  • Lighting strategy changed remotely as needs

  • GIS location and weather report

  • Failure reminding and maintenance personnel assignment

  • Camera, environmental sensors and other equipment access

 Real-time monitoring: 

The system will display the status information of street lights, online or offline via a real-time interval report. 

light status

The system can also read and show real-time datas of solar panels, battery charging stage and capacity.

Timely feedback of collected data information to back-end staff to facilitate after-sales repair and maintenance can avoid waste of resources.

light parameters

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