The Overall Solution of Smart LED Street Lighting

Smart city, starts with smart street lighting

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Smart city, starts with smart street lighting 

The city has a large number of street lights, which is the densest urban infrastructure, which facilitates the collection and release of information. Smart light poles are an important source of information collection for the Internet of Things in the future. Urban smart light poles are an important part of smart cities, which can improve the city and municipal service capabilities, and are also an important entrance to smart cities, which can promote smart municipalities and smart cities. Landing in the urban lighting business. Smart light poles collect information about the city through integrated sensors, and will generate all kinds of big data needed for smart cities in the future. Data is uploaded to the cloud, and big data is formed in the cloud. These data can interact with the government's internal transportation system, police management system, financial management system, and procurement system to provide a variety of data support for big data applications in smart cities.

The smart light pole is a smart street light product that integrates the innovative composite applications of various information equipment technologies. The entire smart light pole includes street light lighting control systems, WIFI antenna base stations, video monitoring management, advertising screen broadcast control systems, and real-time urban environment monitoring. Applications such as emergency call system, charging pile system and manhole cover monitoring system.

It can be seen the future evolution of smart street lights. In addition to basic lighting, energy saving and various intelligent controls, in the future, there will no longer be street light poles in the traditional sense, but will evolve to urban IoT sensing. The collection nodes of the network, the open carrier of outdoor convenience measures, has become an important part of data collection and monitoring for smart city construction.

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