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IoT farming--Solar pest killing lamp

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The solar insecticidal lamp is a special device for trapping insects and effectively killing insects, lowering the pest index, preventing and controlling pests and vector-borne diseases according to the characteristics of insects having phototaxis.

Now this lamp is wildly used by farmers to kill pests and reduce the use of pesticides!




Based on the IoT solar lamps, we have added rain-sencing wires on the lorawna light controller to meet the requirements of insecticidal lamps. Now more than 300 insecticidal lamps have been installed in customers ’tea plant garden, which greatly improves the management efficiency and protect the plants.


This solar insecticidal lamp is equipped with a solar panel, a battery and a IoT light controller. It is powered by a solar power supply system: the sun charges the battery during the day and the battery supplies the insecticidal lamp when it is dark; Those lights are equipped with an automatic control system and can be remotely monitored at the computer. With customised lighting strategy, this is an energy-saving, environmentally friendly new energy insecticidal lamp.


Now more than a thousand solar pest killing lights are still being installed on the mountains of tea trees. In the future, IoT products will continue to benefit all walks of life, both in rural and urban.


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