The Overall Solution of Smart LED Street Lighting

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Remote 60w LED MPPT Solar Street Lighting Controller with Smart Light System

The DM60-U solar street light controller can record the operating status of the whole system, including operating days, over-dischargings, full-chargings, etc. And besides, it can also keep a record of battery voltage changes in a week, enabling the user to have a clear understanding of the system and conduct better analysis on it. The user needs to use the remote control (CU-ALL) to read the system's operating status, and when the reading is successfully done, the parameters will be recorded in the remote control.
  • DM60-U
  • HonorInsight
  • 9032899090
  • Shenzhen, China
  • 5000000PCS/Year
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  • 3 years
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          Remote 60w LED MPPT Solar Street Lighting Controller with Smart Light System


solar main Page
Lamp management

Product Introduction
-- Innovative MPPT technology, tracking efficiency 99%, conversion efficiency up to 96% 
-- MPPT 10A/15A/20A
-- 12V/24V system voltage
-- Four stage charge status: MPPT, boost, equal, float
-- External temperature sensor
-- Remote control to read value of solar panal, luminaire and battery
-- IP68, water-proof
-- customised strategy supported

Product Parameter:

Values Adjustable Default
Model DM60

Controller type

-R:infrared remote control; 

-W: 2.4G wireless remote control

System voltage  12V
Static power consumption

 -R type: ≤10mA

  -W type: ≤30mA

Sleep power consumption ≤1mA

Load current 50mA ~3000mA 330mA
Load voltage 15V ~ 50V

Maximum load power 60W/12V

Load conversion efficiency 96%(Typical efficiency 85%~96%)   

Load current accuracy

Intelligent power High, Moderate, Low, Auto, USE, No Medium
Load working period 9-Period + Pre-dawn lighting

Period adjustment range 1min/10min

Power adjustment range 1%/10%

Maximum solar input power 130W/12V

Maximum charge current 10A

Maximum solar input voltage ≤50V

Over voltage PB-16.0V; LI-overcharge voltage+2V
Limited charge voltage PB-15.5V; LI-overcharge voltage+1V
Equalizing charge voltage PB-14.6V; LI-None
Equalizing charge voltage 30 days

Boost charge voltage


8.5V ~17.0V
Charge voltage(lithium)

Floating charge voltage


8.5V ~17.0V

Charge return voltage


Over discharge voltage 8.5V ~17.0V 11.0V
Over discharge return voltage 8.5V~17.0V
Temperature compensation coefficient

PB: -3.0mV/℃/2V; lithium battery;

no compensation

Light control voltage 3V ~ 11V  5V
Light control delay 0s ~ 60s/2Min ~ 60Min 10s
High temperature charge +40℃ ~ +90 65
Low temperature charge 0℃ ~ -35
Operating temperature -35℃ ~ +65

IP rating IP68

Protections Battery reverse polarity protection, solar panel reverse polarity protection, solar panel over-voltage protection, lithium battery over-voltage and over-discharge protection, lithium battery BMS overcharge detection protection, over temperature protection, load open circuit and short circuit peotecton, load overcurrent protection, etc

Weight 260g

Controller dimensions(mm) 80*82*23.5

Controller mounting dimensions(mm) 65.5*75


Product show:

Solar Light Controller

Yangzhou Exhibition

Guangzhou Guangya Exhibition


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