The Overall Solution of Smart LED Street Lighting

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4G Light Controller for Street Light Control

The NEMA interface wireless single light controller is designed for road and area lighting in smart cities. It has the functions of switching, dimming and monitoring lamps; GPS positioning function; ambient illumination detection and street lamp tilting.The three-primary LED light source is used to reproduce various "natural light" illuminations, with richer chromatograms and softer lighting. Using low-power, high-sensitivity LoRaWAN gateway, and NBIoT, GPRS (2G, 4G) protocols, we can meet most areas of wireless communication.
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  • Shenzhen, China
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  • 3 years
protection grade:

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4G Light Controller for Street Light Control


GIS map

Grouping Strategy

System main functions:

Google map location

Electricity management

Grouping strategy

Camera monitoring

History report

Alarm and repair


NEMA street lamp controller


    The NEMA interface wireless single light controller is designed for road and area lighting in smart cities. It has the functions of dimming, remote switching, and monitoring lamps; GPS locating function; ambient illumination detection.

    A multi-color temperature LED artificial intelligence street light can be used as a multi-color ordinary monochrome temperature LED street light, and at the same time improve the color rendering index, light efficiency 10%, higher cost performance, longer lamp life.


Features Description
Supply power 85~264VAC 
Save power Working power consumption: <2W                 
 Power off consumption: <0.4W (120V); <0.5W (230V)
Working temperature  -40~70ºC
Protocol 4G
Driving power Supports up to 1000W LED driver
Dimming interface Equipped with 1 channel of 0~10V dimming interface (analog) and one channel of PWM
Self-information monitoring Monitor the voltage, current, power, power factor and temperature of the lamp
Energy consumption and working hours;
location GPS accuracy ±6M (no occlusion)
Light control Meets ANSI C136.41 standard

Strategic plan dimming


Light control combined dimming

After the communication failure, work according to the set dimming plan and illuminance
protection Over voltage, over current, short circuit protection
Warranty Three years





Main road lighting

with light controller

With nema light controller


Q1: Do you provide sample for test?
A1: Yes. 

Q2: What is the MOQ.
A2: Please send your inquiry. We will provide the Latest Price and MOQ.

Q3: What is your payment?
A3: We accept T/T, Paypal etc.

Q4: What is your deliver time?
A4: Usually, 7-15 days for sample order, 30-45 days for batch order.

Q5: What about your shipment?
A5: We use DHL, UPS etc for sample order, for batch order, by sea or by air.

Q6: How many Lighting controllers can one gateway control?
A6: The working range of gateway is within 2-3km, usually 100-200 controller.

Q7: Can lighting controllers working when the gateway not working?
A7: Yes.  Controller will keep working as strategy.

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